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So, the good NaNee that I am I’m always bucking for… “You’re the best NaNee in the whole wide world”, phrase, and I got it yesterday, but the big guy here says, “You’re the best NaNee in the whole wide world, but you’re my only NaNee”!  Hmmmm Not quite what I was looking for.  So tell me, do you think I’ll get it with this?  These are birthday party supplies for my grandson, Shawnie!  He’s just too cute, and you can deny him nothing.  Just look at this gorgeous smile!  He’s my guy he is!

Cranky pants! XD

Well, he has a birthday coming up in a month or two and we need to get ready because my daughter always likes to put on a show for the birthday bash and I asked him what theme he wanted, and he chose…

Ninja Turtles of course!!!


So off to Wholesale Party Supplies shopping and as you can see we hit the motherload!  Mutant Ninja Turtles alright… everywhere!!!

This and so much more.



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    I am loving that Ninja Turtles made a come back!!!! I have a great nephew that adores them as well!


    I do a big joint birthday party for my boys (in August), so I will head over here before buying supplies this year! Thanks for the heads up on this.


    Oh gosh, boys would just love this! I mean, who wouldn’t want to party up with a load of ninja turtle goodies and wares in them, right? Cool stuff, haha!


    Best. Only. Same difference. LOL! This is awesome and I’ll be sure to check this out when the boy’s birthday get here. I hate having to go to different places to find party items. Thanks


    What a fantastic party pack! They had everything you needed! I am going to have to check out all of their other themes!


    We had a ninja turtles party this year too. I love all of the stuff we found. My son had a blast!


    What super fun party supplies! My nephew is a TMNT fan and I’m sure he would love all of these.


    My five year old just saw the new movie that came out and now he’s loving the turtles. Your grandson is so cute.


    I’ve yet to go all out and pick a specific theme for my kids’ birthdays…I’m kind of laid back like that, lol! There young still and don’t realize the difference but I know by next year they’ll be asking!! I’ll be pinning this post 😉


    What awesome ninja turtles goodies. Bet your little one was super happy with these party accessories!


    Love that its ninja turtles!!! Its so cool that a childhood show of mine is still cool enough for kiddos like my princess to watch all these years later 😉


    Wow my cousin would love these ninja turtles party decor! It is just so cute and perfectly themed together. Thanks for sharing this!


    So glad to see that the turtles are back. I remember when my boys were younger and they loved them.


    What a great pack of Turtle party pack!! I bet he has with all that gear a great party


    Ninja turtles rule! even the girls like them!


    This is awesome for his birthday party indeed. My nephew would so love to have a Mutant Ninja Turtle party. I have never been to the Wholesale Party Supplies before so I will have to check them out. Thanks so much for sharing,


    Awww he looks so excited! I love The Ninja Turtles!

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