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Ever have embarrassing leakage moments or accidents? Do you leak a little when you laugh or sneeze? Stay comfortable and feel confident and protected with Wearever Women’s and Men’s Underwear solutions!

Wearever Women’s and Men’s Underwear: Choose Wearever Underwear for maximum protection and reusability. Our selection of absorbent male and female undergarments feature sewn-in Unique-Dri™ pads that trap liquid and are treated with odor reducing Agion™ antimicrobial fibers. Whether you have minor leaks or major ones, these underwear help you feel protected and comfortable. Most importantly, these underwear help maintain your dignity since they look and feel just like traditional underwear! Say goodbye to disposable adult diapers and pads once and for all. Wearever offers a variety of styles to meet every preference and come with light, moderate and heavy absorbency options depending on what you need. They are also more environmentally friendly contributing zero waste per year compared to more than 1,100 to 1,500 adult diapers sent to landfills per person. They’re also less expensive, saving the average user about $500 a year over the cost for disposables since you can wash and re-use Wearever products hundreds of times. What are you waiting for? Make the switch today!

. They are a perfect solution for giggling… giggling?  Oh come on now, I mean laughing out loud and too hard with girlfriends over coffee or wine.  Now you know how you get.. or surviving a sneeze or a surprise, socializing over shopping bags or diaper bags, visiting the gym or the office, and everything in between like thinking… “Oh, I can hold it a few minutes more.. or two.. or three… or there’s a bathroom and it starts to happen even before you get those panties down, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

See for yourself the secret to staying dry, confident and comfortable!

In the middle normally it’s only one layer, but as you can see here it’s three… maybe even four.  Ahh Security in the drip zone!  Now you can see more info at their facebook, too, but why not try a pair and enter the give-away below.  Yes, my sponsor has agreed to give one of my readers a pair.  Just enter the rafflecopter below, and if you like I have a link where you can enter another contest too.  See below.  Just click on the little lady below.  🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Support Us TOO International with Wearever Purchases this September!

A portion of proceeds from select sales of Wearever undergarments will benefit prostate cancer nonprofit Us TOO International this September. Wearever is partnering with Us TOO International to raise money in support of prostate cancer awareness, education and support networks for patients and their families. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout the month of September, 10 percent of proceeds from the Wearever men’s underwear line will be donated back to Us TOO International. This includes all sizes, styles, colors and purchases in singles, three-packs and six-packs from the Wearever Men’s Incontinence Underwear line. To learn more and purchase products to support Us TOO International, visit 


  2 Responses to “Stylish & Comfortable Leak-Control Undergarments for Men & Women Review/Giveaway Ends 1.16”


    These sound pretty good, but I am not seeing a giveaway. Did it get cancelled like the one that I had for those measuring cups? (that was a dirty darn shame)


    I entered for this one. I hope they have them available for bigger ladies. (I wear a 2X.) Fortunately I don’t have the trouble I used to with it (unchecked diabetes, which I didn’t know I had) but for us ladies of a certain age, there tends to be the whole little leaks when sneezing, coughing, or working out bit.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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