Jan 052015

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Ladies & Gents!

NOW Introducing the biggest, the best, the most  colossal

 “Give-Aways & Reviews ever“!

Applause – Applause!

 Do you want to show them off? Would like to have comments on those REVIEWS?  Well, this is the place!  Just strut your stuff here, and maybe you could leave a comment below while you’re at it. 🙂

Sign our Linky below so we all can see, and then everyone will know besides you and me. The title and ending date is all you really need and of course a link directly to your Give-Away or Review for super speed!
Now, kindly say Give-Away or Review so we will know exactly what to do & a little comment for my trouble, and I’ll try to get to some of you on the double!

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Stacy Uncorked

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  28 Responses to “Show Off Tuesday! Give-Aways & Reviews!”


    Only have one for today. I have a few more giveaways scheduled. I have to get pitching!


    Very cool, and a great idea! I wish I saw this yesterday! Very nice thing to do! I will be checking these all out!


    Thanks so much for sharing this. I don’t have any giveaways to post but I do see some I want to enter {and will}. I’ll have to bookmark your site to come back and enter more as they are posted.


    I’m not late today!! 🙂 Thanks for hosting, and waving hello to you too, while I’m here. 🙂


    Thanks so much for hosting this. I will go look around and see if I have anything to link up this week.


    Oh, I love giveaway linkys! There’s so much to be found on these. Thanks for sharing!


    What a fantastic link up! I wish I was in the USA so I could enter!


    This is a great collection of giveaways. I will have to go and enter as many as i can.


    This is such a cool linky i need to come back later and check out the review and the giveaways ongoing here.


    That a great list! Thanks! Off to check out some of these!


    I can’t even believe all these amazing give aways! There are so much!


    wow! hope I win some of these


    Look at all those great giveaways! I love a good linky like this. Now, which one do I start with?


    These are great giveaway’s! I love a great giveaway


    I love roundups like this. Just makes finding giveaways a little easier since I can find so many in one spot!


    What a great link up and way to find new blogs to follow. I will have to come back and leave my link to one of my latest posts.


    Ooh so many links to check out! Thank you!


    This is what I call an impressive collection of giveaways! I must check them out asap.


    Wow this is a great list. I wish I had a giveaway to link up. I will have to check out these giveaways to enter. =)


    I don’t have any to share, but this is an awesome list. I better go enter some!


    Wow, what a huge linky list with so much variety! The gift cards at the end sound awesome. 😉 I don’t have anything to contribute, but I’ll enjoy browsing the options… 🙂



    Wow you have a great list with variety! I love that you have so much to give, what a great “show off” 😉


    Wow! What a list! I haven’t done a review lately, but I would love to join too once I have something to share. Keep up the good work! 🙂


    what a great source for giveaway or review. I’m off to check them out right now 🙂 thanks


    Wow! There are some awesome give-aways here! I’m passing this post along to my daughter … thanks for sharing!


    Thanks for the linky. I actually do have something to add this week…a giveaway to win a set of Kitchen Executive Chef non-stick silicone baking mats. Good luck everyone.


    Thank you for the great link up. There are so many great reviews and giveaways listed here.


    These are awesome. I’m going to check these out because I’d love to get my good luck going for the new year.

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