Jan 092015

I have had a terrible computer crash.  The computer man just picked up my desk top and said he might give it back tomorrow, but no later than Monday.  So fingers crossed everyone…  my puter is soooooooooo sick!!!  Thanks for stopping by and if you’d like to enter any of my give-aways or comment on any reviews of mine feel free to do so.  Thank you very much!!!



Wish us luck and have a great weekend!!

work hopefully 010

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    Uh Oh…for us bloggers a computer crash is downright devastating! I’ve been there and unfortunately done that. My fingers, toes, and everything else that can be crossed are crossed for you and your techy baby!


      Thank you my sweet. I’m trying to learn my lap top as fast as I can, but there’s nothing on this laptop to help me with my blog. As soon as i get my computer back I’m going to do that and copy everything over to here. Thank you again my dearest. You’re are always so concerned. HUGS.


    Your site is not going to be down. Your site will still be up. Just you won’t be able to be around as much as you usually are with the laptop until you can figure things out. Your a quick study I’m sure you’ll be running around without a problem. HOPE YOU get the Puter fixed. Stinky virus’s


      That was my baby that said that. Thank you love, I’m on my laptop so that means he’s not bringing it back today, so I won’t have my desk computer until Monday… I’m working on posts that are coming along very slowly, but I think I’ve contacted everyone that I needed too. HUGS and thanks for making that clear for my readers baby girl. Love you!


    Oh you poor thing! And yes, like your daughter mentioned, at least your site itself won’t be down, so we can harass you like normal, you will just be going through some major withdrawals not being able to be online. Hope your computer is fixed good as new and you don’t yank your hair out in frustration! 🙂 ((HUGZ!!))


      Girlfriend you’re a peach to say the least. Yes, I am going through withdrawel, but my house is sure getting a thorough cleaning. bwahahahahahaha Guess me and my laptop is finally going to become one. 🙁 Only thing is all the things/programs I normally work with is not on my laptop… I feel like caveman style… it’s driving me bonkers!!! HUGS & THANKS AGAIN.


    I am SO sorry to hear that you crashed! Trust me, I feel your pain! My computer crashed without warning the weekend before Christmas – our power went out and when it came back, the computer didn’t – my hard drive got fried in the process!

    I have just gotten back online and am still working on getting up and running and recovering from my crash. Hopefully, your process will be much faster!

    Do your best to enjoy your down time!


    So sorry to hear. I, too, have a computer problem but should get mine back tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


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