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The original this wallet they say, huh?  Hmmmm In a woman’s purse?  So let me see what I can tell you about this product.  Well, I can tell you it material is so soft and it’s easy on the touch, and hubby loves it because there’s no wallet butt and it’s a heck of a lot lighter then his old one.  His biggest thought for today’s world is that it is American made!

SoftTech Nylon is a thin and essentially weightless rip-stop material. The cross pattern stitch found in our SoftTech Nylon provides tear-resistant strength and long lasting durablitly. SoftTech nylon wicks away moisture. This fast drying material is paper thin yet tough as nails.  Now that’s the truth because my hard workin’ hubby put it to the test, and no rips or snags in this wallet for sure.

EcoThin is exactly that. The thin material is friendly to the environment. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the water resistant polyester material has a canvas like texture to it. The thermo-plastic polyester is derived from broken down fragments of plastic bottles. Similar to our SoftTech Nylon the cross pattern stitch makes the EcoThin material virtually tear-proof. The rip-stop polyester is super lightweight and quick to dry.  I thought this would be really nice to know especially this day and age.  Recycling is so important and they have found a way to use it.

The fewer layers the thinner the end result. Excessive pockets in a wallet creates clutter where organization is needed most. Allett offers solutions to organization woes with a minimalistic approach.  Oh, so that’s how they do it.  Very clever I’d say!


Practical Nylon

Allett has manufactured thin style wallets in San Diego, CA. since 1995.  They started with a simple idea; design a wallet that will hold everything you need, while staying slim and comfortable to carry.  So simple and yet so practical.

Our SoftTech nylon wallets are perfect for men and women on the go.  So did you ever get your wallet out and drop it outside your car and you go to bend over to get it, and found out you parked in a puddle and your wallet was smack in the middle of that puddle???  EWWWW  Well, all you have to do it lay it out to dry and count on a fast dry time… every time!  Complete with an internal cross pattern stitch and moisture wicking coating, the thin nylon makes these wallets durable and water resistant, and their Classic Leather wallets use only a fraction of the material that goes into a traditional carry.



Our RFID Security Collection is the quintessential combination of modern advancement and classic style. These wallets are lined with the same RFID blocking alloy used by the US military in their tactical gear. Allett RFID wallets block radio frequencies used to heist your identity and credit card information. These days more and more cards are RFID capable. Defend yourself and get an Allett RFID blocking wallet today.

So are you convinced yet?  This is definitely the wallet for you, and how would you like to own one or maybe give it to your sweetie for Valentine’s Day?  What do you give the man who has everything?  An Allette Wallet of course!! Well, just enter below because my sponsor has been so gracious to agree to giving one of my readers one of these fantastic Allett The Original Thin Wallet!

good luck

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    I followed you under Linky but it said I was already following you so the number did not change.


    This is really a great wallet, but make sure Dave is careful. It’s so slim that you really can’t feel it in your pocket. My husband just lost his last week, but fortunately for him, someone turned it in. He didn’t even feel that it was gone.


    I really like the ladies SoftTech Nylon Womens Original Wallet, in Beryl Blue, would be perfect and the color makes it easy to find in my purse, I think it is great that they are so slim, thank you for sharing this review


    I like the men’s Lux Leather Original Wallet in black.

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