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Magical Monkey Pants

The Adventures of Brooklet                                                                        
and the Magical Monkey Pants                                                                
Written by:  BK Wallace
Illustrated by: KL Lockwood
Brooklet’s Mom comes in, and tells her daughter Brooklet it’s time for bed, but she wants to wear her Monkey Pants, and her mother said no.  It’s time for bed now! Lu Lu, her brown-eyed dog, watches when she puts her Monkey Pants on anyway even though her Mother said no.  Suddenly she is whisked into the night by a confused jay bird, starting a great adventure for Brooklet, and filled with spectacular forest creatures, enchanting music, and the royal monkey family who believes she has finally returned home to them, but all the while her monkey pants seem to be transforming her into a FOR REAL MONKEY!  Scared and missing her mother, and wished she would have listened to her, and that she was back at home in her room! Adventures of Brooklet and the Magical Monkey Pants is fun and a whimsical fantasy about a stubborn little girl and her discovery of the power her new mysterious magical monkey pants… but maybe it was just a dream?
My Thoughts & Opinion:
This story is absolutely and totally the cutest story I’ve read in a very long time., and will be read to my grandchildren when they come over before bedtime, but my grandbabies won’t be changing there minds when I tell them to go to bed from now on. I’m sure of it. I’m sure they will love the concept of Monkey Pants first of all, and then maybe they’ll even realize when you don’t listen to Mommy all kinds of things could possibly happen. I think all children should learn the true meaning of consequences, and know that if they do something good… good things become of it, and when they do something bad you have to pay the consequences. I bet they won’t be sleeping with the windows open either any time soon! I thoroughly enjoyed this book very much, and I’m sure you will too.  The pictures are quite colorful and enjoyable also.
Author Bio:
BK Wallace and KL Lockwood are dynamic duo who are able to complement each other’s talents.  Wallace’s vivid imagination overflows onto the page in this suspenseful and mysterious tale.  Lockwood’s talented artistry guides the reader on a magical adventure unlike any other.
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    I like the title and looks like a cute book.


    lol the title is funny

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