Feb 042015

Coffee Energy Bar   + A CUP OF COFFEE = YUMMY!!! 🙂004Whoa… put this bold and delicious combo of coffee, which you taste as soon as you take a bite… then an immediate change to Chocolate, Almonds and Rolled Oats dipped in and drizzled with Dark Chocolate!  Definitely drooling here!!!

Mocha Almond Product Code: 5210 – Case Pack:  8 display boxes of 12                                                              bars each for promotional products.

  • JAVA ME UP Energy Bars Mocha Almond 4-pack Case
  • The original coffee-fueled energy bar, naturally made with chocolate, coffee, almonds and rolled oats, dipped and drizzled in dark chocolate.
  • The Mocha Almond bar is 160 calories and delivers 6 grams of protein and5g of fiber.
  • A convenient between-meal boost.

When I was at the office I’d get in to work pour me a cup of coffee near the office supply room and then I’d be looking for something to nibble on.  Man, I wish I would’ve had one of these.  The only thing I would’ve had to worry about would be the Office Stationery.  LOL


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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

  5 Responses to “Coffee Energy Bar Review!”


    So is this helping you revive from your surgery? These sound absolutely scrumptious!

    I do so hope that all is well with you, and you are recovering quickly!


    Those do sound good to me too. And I’m here to see how you’re doing after your hospital visit. 🙂


      Rosey you’re to kind. Thank you very much. Things are coming along. The numbness of course has finally wore off and I’m having to deal with the injections sites with ice packs, but that should be over soon. Now to deal with my bursitis in my hips and then I’ll be right as rain. Oh, the back is doing just fine or as my son would say smoooooooooooth!!! ~hehehe~ kids!


    Oh these are so great. I would not think I would like them because I don’t care for coffee and I like them a lot!


    Like to try this

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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