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Okay! Okay!  Stop laughing!  I know it’s a bit early to talk about barbecuing, but come Spring what are you going to do when your barbeque grill looks like mine and you have to clean it.  I HATE cleaning grills. They’re so dirty and disgusting, but check out this long handle on this grill brush!  Do you see those clean hands?  All I did was brush the top grill and WAH LA!  DONE!  All the junk is off of it and none of it is on me.  It’s all on the floor!  hehehe  Is that cool or what?  Are you tired of making deals with your hubby?  Honey!  You clean the grill and I’ll barbecue!  Oh Sweetie, you brush the grill and I will barbecue?  HaHaHa  How about, “Honey, stay out of my way so I can get this barbecue smokin’!”

Now that’s the way it’s supposed to be.   Just look at this brush!  I’d say it’s the King of Brushes wouldn’t you?

  •  Flimsy shaft bends under pressure not to mention the bristles quickly flatten down and gum up with grease..
  • Leaves scratch mark on your delicate porcelain coated grates..
  •  Burn hands when cleaning because the handle’s too short.
  •  Can’t clean between the rods and along the sides..
  • Pretty gross, wouldn’t you say?
  • My hands and knuckles gets all greasy and black and it takes forever to get that black out from under my nails, and it’s just an all and all dirty, nasty, gritty grubby job and I hate getting my hands all messed up like that and besides the scrapes hurt!  🙁  It’s a total bummer, right ladies?So therefore I have found the best product ever when it comes to barbecuing!

      I personally love to barbecue and hubby loves to eat it so……

    Introducing the Alpha Grillers BBQ Grill Brush

    The Best Grill Brush on The Market:

    – Strong plastic reinforced twisted wire shaft that will not bend under pressure
    – Stiff stainless steel bristles than won’t flatten – much stiffer than brass
    – Safe for use with porcelain coated grills grates. Won’t scratch your Weber grill
    – Long handle (18″): perfect length to keep your hand away from the heat without losing pressure and control
    – Innovative spiral bristle design allows you to easily clean edges, corners and deep between the grates

    So what’s so good about the spiral design you ask?  Well, the bristles in most brushes point in the same direction. This means they can only be held horizontally.

    With the Alpha Grillers brush, bristles point in all directions so you can hold it at any angle and easily clean all parts of the grate.  Okay now, here’s the best part.  Check this out.  🙂


    YES! A FREE E-BOOK full of delicious and easy to prepare BBQ recipes when you buy your Alpha Grillers brush!  How cool is that? To make it even more of a no brainer, buy today and you will receive our 1 YEAR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. cooking_gal w-pot_GMT

  • *Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    Cool grill brush, but are you trying to tell me that you have Dave outside grilling in the middle of winter?? Only you could make a grill brush sound spectacular during winter.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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