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ALIEN MISSION is the third book in the Lady Jenniviere’s Quill series of preteen books.  Each book has an underlying moral.  This book centers around friendship and the consequences of neglecting preparation.

Book Details:  Lady Jenniviere’s Quill by…   “Lady Jennivjere”

This book is for Middle grade fiction for ages 8 – 12.


On the alien world of ZOOT it’s QB9’s birthday. This lonely little alien’s had only wish & that was to have a friend.  That’s it just one friend, but instead he received a WISH-A-MA-GIG.  A WISH-A-MA-GIG???  Okay, I give what is a WISH-A-MA-GIG?  Well, what it does is it grants your every wish!  However,  not always how you expect it.  What it did was direct QB9 to travel to Earth where he will supposedly will find this perfect friend he longed for.  While preparing for the journey, QB9 becomes bored studying Earth’s culture and customs. So, he decides to just “wing it.” After all what could go wrong? Getting to Earth is the easy part. QB9 quickly learns “winging it” was not a good idea. In an effort to remain inconspicuous, QB9 lands on a tower of the Golden Gate Bridge. With the help of his trusted laptop Benni and his dog K9-20, he is able to escape to Alcatraz. Disguised as a strange looking human named Du Jour, he tries to blend in with the locals. He must find his perfect friend; fight to save himself, Benni, and his new friend from determined alien hunters and get back to ZOOT.


This story really is for children 8 thru 12 depending on maturity.  Our main character is just so fun, and really needs to get a life first and discover where he’s at, and our customs before he can even make a friend which he does try I admit.  Now, Alien QB9 is from a planet called Zoot.  On Zoot the daytime is night, and everything is so different they don’t even eat for heavens sakes, and the adults go to school, and the kids go to work.  (I wish! LOL)  Go figure!  Now here’s one for you they use math to get whatever they want.  Oh how I wish it was that simple!!!

QB9 really wanted a friend so bad, so for his 10th birthday his parents gave him this machine called a “wish-a-ma-jig”.  This machine all he has to do is wish for a friend and then the machine shows a picture of a little earth Girl.  Then the Wish-A-Ma-Jig tells him to go to Earth, and he will find her.  QB takes the family spaceship and goes on his wild adventure to the planet Earth taking his pet & also his computer.  When they land on Earth QB9 uses the name Du Jour for school and meets his new friend Afton (the girl he was shown), but she has a secret!  She’s really a robot working for the Government to find aliens.  The Secret Service men come after him our little alien, and he grabs his friend the Robot and his computer he calls Benni & escapes towards his home Zoot, and…………. oh my I’m getting carried away!  I’m sorry folks you’ll just have to get the book to find out what happens to our little alien friend.   What a great book & it really held my interest, which I was actually quite surprised.

This blogger gives it a thumbs up, and now I have to give my kindle to my granddaughters so they can read it.  NaNee’s are like that!!  ~hehehe~  You really should read this.  It’s a hoot!!!!

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    This looks like a super fun book. Just the kind of science fiction fun I like to read about.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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