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Whoa! THE LAST FOUNDATION BRUSH I WILL EVER NEED?  What are you kidding me?  Well, they weren’t kidding!!!  I mean talk about the best of the best of the best of the Foundation brushes. I feel like I’m in the Men in Black movie!!! LOL Anyway, all kidding aside. I have found one of the better Foundation Brushes I have ever used. Now I’ve been around awhile and I use to work in an office every single day. Where in the hell has this brush been all my life. The texture, the shape, the feel I mean everything about it is just perfect… well, for me anyway, but it could very well be for you too!

When I first got this brush I thought, “Hmmm Yeah, right!  This is going to be like every brush I buy.  The bristles will start following out tomorrow & I’ll be buying another brush next week”.  WRONG!  So here’s some exciting news…..

  • For a Limited Time Introductory Pricing: This foundation brush will retail at 29.95, but for a limited time they are offering this amazing makeup brush for $13.95!!!  YEP!!!  That’s what I said, “ONLY $13.95”!!!
  • The Yalmeh Y19 premium quality Foundation brush will spotlight your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish. Like mac foundation brush.
  • Created From Top Grade Synthetic Fiber Materials For Long Lasting Use.Higher Quality Fibers Prevent Shedding for as long as you own the brush.  Hypoallergenic, Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly.
  • Easy Clean Up With No Smell, High Quality Hand Made With Wood Handles, and the Best Gift for Friend.
  • The Perfect Brush Even on the go-Yalmeh Y19 is Great for Setting, Bronzing and Applying Blush. Liquid Foundation Brush, Powder Foundation Brush. Foundation Blending Brush,Foundation Make-Up Brush!  
  • So my friends… HELLO… HELLO!!!!!!  YOU PAYIN’ ATTENTION OUT THERE!!!  Do Not Let Another day in The Mirror Pass Without Yalmeh Foundation Brush gliding across that luscious woman you were meant to look like!

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    What a great deal! and I need a new foundation brush. I am just going to have to get myself one of these. Thanks!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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