Feb 122015

AYL 3-in-1 LED Vehicle Emergency Flashlight High-Lumen 100,000 Hour CREE Torch with Powerful MAGNETIZED BASE. Peace of Mind During Blackouts and Emergencies!

flashlight 3

For Blackouts to light up the entire room with no problem. It’ll probably shine into the next room & light that up too through the doorway!

flashlight 4

In case your car breaks down & it won’t start you won’t be totally in the dark and the other cars we’ll see you & your red flashing light!












This will be the last flashlight I shall ever buy!  I love this flashlight.  I use this every night when I go to bed because I hate walking through a dark house.  I keep it in my purse when I go somewhere because when you put this powerful flashlight on it can go from one strength to another (meaning even brighter) it also flashes in red in case I break down.  It also has lights on the side if I need it to change a tire at night and it’s magnetic on the base so I can just stick it to my car and not have to prop it up.  Did I tell you I love this flashlight?  I do!  I really, really do.  If our lights go out for some crazy reason and they do in our neighborhood every summer at least I won’t have to go running around the house for candles or other flashlights that has no where near the power as this one does.


This Flashlight is the most powerful flashlight I have ever come across. Just look at all it can do. I personally am sold! Did I tell you I love this product???

Weather Resistant Anodized Aluminum Body – Industrial Grade, Most Versatile Light Available! Features a rugged and high quality military-grade design for durability and versatility. It comes with an anodized aluminum body which is resistant to various elements of weather.  It is quite versatile and comes with a total of 29 LEDS (18 white LEDs and 11 red LED). Bulbs can last for more than 100,000 hours. Powered by 3AAA batteries (not included) AYL LED Car Flashlight comes in a user-friendly design. It features a magnetic base that can be stuck on any metallic surface instantly.  It also comes with 3 light options; Cree, White, and flashing Red LED for improved visibility.  Oh by the way, did I tell you I love this flashlight?   Oh and it’s terribly easy to use.   The first click turns the CREE LED, 2nd click lights-up the 18 white LED, while 3rd click turns on RED LED.  HOT DOG!  I love this light & you will too!  I’m not really fond of the dark, but with this in my purse or home who cares if the lights go out!  This is just too too cool, and besides why choose this particular one?  Have you ever… I mean EVER seen a flashlight do all of this???  Besides… did I tell you I love this flashlight?  This gal says two thumbs up and my big toes if need be.  I loves this flashlight!


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    Now this is a flashlight that we can use. Our electricity goes out several times a year and we need more emergency lighting, but it would be great in the car with the red lights.


    Really like this one

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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