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Did you make a New Years Resolution to get fit, get in shape, more exercising etc., etc., etc…. and it was the same one as last year’s resolution?  Well, don’t fret because I have the solution for you, and you can do it on your terms in the comfort of your own home.

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GUARANTEED highest quality professional grade dipped latex and Premium D-Handles, DynaPro brings the top choice in resistance bands for personal trainers right to your front door!

Well, let me tell you I saw this product and I had to do a review on it because granted it has things that it says it can do, but I had a few other things in mind too mainly because of my disability.  This product not only can do everything it says it can do, but I found a few things it can do too.  I’m mostly in my chair as you all know so I do exercise with it with my legs.  It just depends where you hold the handles and how many times you wrap it around your wrist, and that was only one I made up not to mention the ones I can do for my arms.

Now introducing this wonderful product, “NEW Door Anchor,  Extra Heavy, and Extremely Heavy bands”  This new Blue band (25-30lbs) and Black Ops band (35-50lbs) is for those who want to take it to the next level of resistance!  So let’s bring the Gym home with Pro Grade Resistance Bands!

With the GUARANTEED highest quality professional grade dipped latex and Premium D-Handles and these are no plastic handles either ladies and gentlemen these are heavy duty, first glass, premium handles, DynaPro brings the top choice in resistance bands for personal trainers to your door.So people really don’t make the same mistake I did by purchasing a cheap low quality product that will discourage you from hitting your goals. DynaPro products will definitely last you a lifetime.  With this product you won’t have to buy anymore for sure they are that good!  When exercising, the band should be secured in a way so the length is appropriate to give resistance even at the bottom of the exercise. The adjustable connection will allow you to achieve this resistance.  So if you exercise at home like me this is definitely the type of product you should have in the home.

Resistance bands are a great way to help achieve your goals when the gym is hard to get to or especially if you have a disability or need to do some home therapy.  From early morning workouts to a quick vacation set, resistance bands are there when you need them!

The DynaPro Difference
– Highest Quality 100% Dipped Latex.
– Premium Gym Quality, Comfort D-Handle.
– Adjustable band connection.

Have fun working out again by putting your mind at ease that you don’t have a cheap pair that’s going to break as soon as it’s stretched and something gets broken or worse yet someone gets hurt like you!  Put your mind at ease.  This product is GUARANTEED highest quality!   BUT WAIT A MINUTE… I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU A BIT MORE UP TO DATE:

***There has been a recently published similar one, but more thorough, up-to-date, and comprehensive: http://rigorfitness.com/resistance-band-exercises/ (over 8000 words – whew, but well worth it!).  It covers almost every aspect to get the best results with the resistance band.  Moreover, there are routines and the general principles to help the readers create their own ones.
Yellow (Light) Approx 10lbs
Green (Medium) Approx 20lbs
Red (Heavy) Approx 30lbs
DynaPro bands | Glutes
So how about owning your very own, and work out in your own home?  Well, my sponsor has decided to do a give-away so enter below and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!  WOO HOO!

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    These would be excellent to work with inside the house. I just gotta get me one of these!


    I’ve always wanted a good set of resistance bands for myself and my exercising. As you very well know it’s hard for me to exercise to the best of my ability most days so these would definitely help me get back on the exercise wagon slowly!


    You go girl! I started exercising this week in our gym!


    Resistance bands with handles are great to have. I have a set that came with my Billy Blanks videos that look very much like these, except the color and love them. Great review! I’m sure who ever the lucky winner is will love ’em!


    I wouldn’t mind having one of their DynaPro Workout Balls.


    The bands come in different colors depending on the amount of weight resistance.



    I like the videos they have on their website, showing different exercise moves for different body parts.


    I love the workouts they have on their site- makes it super easy to get started using the bands!


    I learned that these bands come in different weight resistance and they have very comfortable handles on each. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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