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Welcome aboard our 233rd wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me” !

notesI’m the Conductor of this Musical trip.  Other Conductors are my buds Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, holy cow 092Naila-Moon of Just the Stuff Ya Know and Becca of Everyday Life has retired from our Love Train.  We’re all going to miss her.  Anyway let’s get on with the show!  APPLAUSE!  NOW LET’S ROCK THIS PLACE & get this TRAIN rollin’!

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Our “SPOTLIGHT DANCER” gets the PRIVILEGE of picking the THEME for the following week that we have a theme.  OUR EVERY OTHER WEEK FREEBIES REMAIN THE SAME 


OUR SPOTLIGHT DANCER IS:  Not going to be dancing for a while, but instead we’re going to have our co-conductor’s dance for us for a little while, and today’s theme is a “TELEVISION THEME SONGS THAT WERE TOP 40 SONGS”! !  BUT first join our linky below & add yours.  For example:  I added mine, which is my instagram network… you may want Twitter or Pinterest.  Once you sign up with your link please follow the rest that have joined.  Thank you!


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Well, this week’s theme is “”TELEVISION THEME SONGS THAT WERE TOP 40 SONGS”! “, and my first song is “Friends” The Rembrandts – I’ll be There For You! then I remembered this one that they play on American Idol every time someone went home – You had a bad day! and how about Growing Pains.. Now I’m not sure if any of these were in the Top 40, but I’m hoping they were this one is from Cheers Now I know this one was! The theme song from the show…”Hey Hey we’re the Monkeys” and last, but not least how about Disney’s Theme song when it was on TV Jimmy Cricket When you Wish Upon a Star… I like this version the best…

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  23 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me!”


    When I think of TV theme songs that were my favorite, I think of the these song to Simon & Simon. Just love that little rock song, but that does not make your theme. Well, it was great hearing some of those songs again. I think I’m going to break out all those Cheers DVDs and watch the shows over again. Always liked the ones with Coach.


    Great songs – loving this theme! Love Cheers & Friends but my fave of the themes you shared was Family Ties – it was my first pick to share but opted for a different theme as I couldn’t confirm it’s Top 40 status. Stop by to see what I ended up sharing – it’s not in your list! 🙂

    Have a fab week and I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s weekend!


    I love the Friends theme song! I know it sounds so silly, but to this day, when I hear it I feel a smile cross my face 🙂 Looks like a great blog hop, enjoy!


    These brought back some memories Marie and I used to absolutely love Bad Day Daniel Powter …briliant 🙂

    Have a themetastic week Marie and remember……just don’t 😉


    Fun walk down Memory Lane. I couldn’t get your linky to show up on this computer. I miss my computer. 🙁



    Ahh, The Rembrandts. I use to hear that song once a week. I was a huge Friends fan. =D


    I’m clueless to most of these, but it is all very interesting anyways.
    Rock on Dolly and have a great week!


    i dont knw all of them but also for me friends thrme song is best….


    Great post, so many great memories! My husband loves Friends and because of him I became obsessed.


    music on, world off – I love that! sometimes you just have to disconnect. And some feel good music always helps.


    That was an awesome trip I took through your post!!! Music and reading are my favorite ways to escape! Thank you for the fun memories….omgosh the Monkeys!!!


    Yes, this is really nice selection of music, I love The Rembrandts!


    TV theme song can really entice viewers. I watch a lot of tv series and like a lot of theme songs. It always stick in my ears after watching it.


    All of these songs brought back memories for me! That Rembrandts song always makes me think of Friends! Always!


    These are such great songs!!!! So much better than the teeny bopper stuff on the radio today hehe 😉


    ha! brought back memories! I love TV songs too! I used to watch Cheers almost everyday when I was student!


    I have not thought of the Monkey’s song in years!! Great list of songs its funny how music can make us think of a tv show!


    Fun tunes! I love, love, love the Friends theme song. Once I hear that I’ll be singing it all day long.


    The first time I heard the Friends song on the radio I was totally shocked. I remember watching the Monkees on television as a child so remember hearing most of their songs first that way.


    I love that pinnochio song! What a fun link up, totally want to join in!


    Well, I was never really into Cheers or Friends. May have watched each once. But, hum, the Love Boat! Or maybe the Sopranos, Woke Up This Morning


    oh wow those songs brought back some great memories! Esp ill be there for you && when you wish upon a star. Love this!


    Oh my gosh, I LOVE ALL these shows! TV is my life so all these theme songs brought back so many memories! My favorite show of all time is Friends. The lyrics to I’ll be There For You will forever be glued in my mind <3

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