Feb 152015

Oh boy, come on now I know you guys know that I totally love office supplies.  It sort of makes me feel like I’m still working in a sense, and I still have all I need to run a tight ship in my own office.  So look what I got today from Shoplet.com .  Are these cool or what?  Now first thing you learn when you start working for a law firm that every folder in your office has to have a name, and every folder you can rename and save the office money it’s a gold star on your resume believe you me.  So, check out these   12 Pocket Stadium File, and the SuperTab tab file folder, and there’s a 3-in-1 Super Tab.  Oh boy, and especially it’s tax season so I’ll be able to bring my stuff in nice and neat and labeled.  Woo Hoo!

 Hmmm, maybe they’ll knock off some money!  HAHAHA NOT!!!!! 

12-Pocket Stadium File

SuperTab File Folder

3-in-1 Super Tab

I can remember when I was at the firm all these salesmen you to come in trying to sell us this promotional products and it was everything from soup to nuts. Now here we are a law firm and I even had this one guy come in trying to sell us medical supplies, and I finally said to him (mainly to get him to shut up) we’ll take a first aid kit if you got it, and boy if he didn’t have one for sure! LOL The biggest sales suppliers that came around a lot was the one selling Office Stationery, but boy were those expensive with the special letterhead and all.  Well, gotta go now… I’ve got to get my taxes together so I can take them in.  Wish me luck on that discount for neatness!  LOL

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product at no cost to me for my honest opinion.

  3 Responses to “Office Supplies that gets your Taxes in Order from Shoplet Review!”


    I’ve got my taxes all done! Yippee! The 3-in-1 super tab folders look really handy. I wish the stadium file had a top to it. It looks neat, too, but here in the desert, all we have is dust dust dust that gets into everything that is not covered.


    this is the time of year i hate the most its so cold and depressing and then you have to do your taxes,,,we are going tomorrow


    These are some great products. I love the twelve pocket stadium file. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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