Feb 202015

Yes, this is me… at three yrs. old… and no I’m not telling you the year that would spoil everything… ~snicker~

Great Grandma Seminara

This is my Great-Grandmother from Palermo, Sicily (my maternal side)… I would never say no to this woman.

Young Grandparents

This is my Gramma & Grandpa on the boat coming here from Palermo, Sicily. My gramma was cute wasn’t she!?! 🙂

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  28 Responses to “Flash Back Friday & Let’s be Friends!!!”


    I LOVE going back at looking old photos, especially of grandparents and older generations of my family! It’s so fun to hear the stories & memories that go along with the photos <3


    I have a picture of a great grandmother of mind that died before I was born. She did not look like a woman you would want to trifle with either. She died the year before I was born on her birthday of an asthma attack. I have a picture of her gravestone that I need to give to Find A Grave.


    I love looking at old photos like this! I keep a photo box of all of them now- I used to be kind of bored by them until I went onto ancestry.com and got a whole new appreciation for my familys history!


    Yes, beautiful portraits of yesterday!


    You were one stinkin’ adorable child there my CM! Just look at that curly hair and rosy cheeks! 😀
    It’s always fascinating looking at old pictures; it’s like they’re from a different world and truth be told they pretty much are.


    I wouldn’t cross your Great-Gran either! 🙂


    All nice looking ladies. Have you been to Sicily? Just curious. 🙂


    What fabulous vintage photos of your grandparents! Now, I would love to have something like that, but alas most of my ancestors have been in this country since before the Revolutionary War. I’m finding it extremely difficult to find really, really old photos. Keep warm and have a nice weekend! I’ll see you on the dance floor Monday! 😉


    You look a little like Shirley Temple! That’s an adorable picture. And I don’t think I’d say no to your great grandmother either! Thanks for sharing. I love old pictures.


    You sure were a cutie. I guess the year as 1955. I love old photos and I thank you for sharing.


    As a history major I love looking back at old photos and reflecting


    Great family photos. I’d join the hop, but I don’t think my most recent post fits. Maybe next week.



    These are really old photos. This is another cool blog hop you are hosting.


    Great link up options! I love going back and looking at old photos of my family. My grandmother collected a lot of records from my maternal side.


    Lovely photographs! Yes, your grandma is very cute 🙂


    You can bet I’d be saying whatever great-grandma wanted to hear. She looks like a lady not to be messed around with.

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    I love looking at old pictures. There is always so much history in them and even better if a family member shared a story with it.


    That’s so cool that you have old photos to go back through! I’m sure someone in my family has ours, but don’t know who!


    I have no pics of my great grandma. I do have a couple of my grandma. I am making sure my grand children have plenty. I know I wish I did.


    Those pictures are AWESOME! I have similar pictures of my grandmother, she’s Italian too!


    Great that you have photos of each generation! Photos are among my most treasured possessions, and I’m always collecting them… and have now added taking videos of my relatives to add to the memories. 🙂



    awww your grandma was cute but your great grandma looks scary lol. love the new linky


    These pictures are so fun! I love looking at old pictures! Thanks for sharing!


    Nice photos. I wish I had some old photos.


    Love the photos of your family! It’s so fun to see our grandparents in pictures. I’m sure you treasure them.

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