Feb 212015

Night time fun for the kiddies!!!

glow bike

Isn’t this the coolest ever!!!!


ICONATOR_Glow sticks remind me of Carnivals, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Picnics!  They”re just sooooooo fun!!!  There’s so many things you can make with them from necklaces to bracelets and glow in the dark crowns and swords.  Personally, I found these pictures and thought it was the greatest idea to do with glow sticks ever!!!  Check out that bike above now that’s ingenious.  the one below reminds me of a great big firecracker in the sky!!!  There’s so many things you can do with them.


hair glowsticks

The latest hairdo decorations!

Check out these below.  Hair decorations is what my granddaughter thought of and Angelo well he just want to play and hold them.  -What can you do with them???  Here’s what my Tati did and Angelo jumps in too!!!  Glow Sticks are just too much fun!

toti and glowsticks

Tati says, “Want to see what I can do Nanee?”


Angelo wants to help! 🙂 Little cutie pie!


Sooooo, everyone wants to get into the act!  Guess they’re a real crowd pleaser and the fastest thing that can put a smile on a child’s face.  ENJOY!

cutie face bye bye

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    Glow sticks have really no other purpose except they are just plain fun (which is worth every dime)!


    The kids absolutely love these!



    These are so neat. My grandkids would love playing with these. Thank you for sharing

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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