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#SaturdaySongsuasion features

Would you like to swing on a star!

This is a tune my kids and I use to sing in the car when we were going to gramma’s or just anywhere. It kept them from fighting and aggrivating each other and ME!
Well, this isn’t the first one that Bing Crosby did in movies because these words are really different. I just happen to find this one and wanted to share. Too funny! 🙂

The first one is the original one and my most favorite movie with Bing Crosby ENJOY!

 Why don’t you join us?  Woo Hoo!

So that’s a wrap for this week as my buddy Cathy at Curious as a Cathy would say!  You wanna join too?  Feel free and go check out Cathy’s too!

I hope you enjoyed your visit and I appreciate you including me in your weekend. Feel free to invite your friends to stop in for a listen. It’s a great feeling to share!  Have a songsational Saturday!

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  3 Responses to “Saturday Song suasion!”


    Just love Bing! He has the most suave voice ever.

    Right now my son is watching The Muppet Movie. Kermit and Fozzie are singing Movin’ Right Along right now.


    These were fun. I really liked Going My Way!


    Oops, I thought I put my linky up in my post, but I didn’t. lol For now, I’m just asking anyone who joins in to leave their URL in comments. I think my brain is frozen. It’s been SO cold here this week. Brrr! What a nice song! I like this one. Of course, I love Bing Crosby ~ what a voice! Thanks for joining the Saturday music bliss!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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