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Stylish acrylic necklace featuring any initial of your choice in a gothic font.
This timeless necklace is sure to make a bold statement.    Show off your edgy personality with this stylish acrylic necklace featuring any initial of your choice in a gothic font.

Gothic Initial Necklace in Acrylic

You can show off your edgy personality with this stylish acrylic necklace featuring any initial of your choice in a gothic font.  This timeless necklace is sure to make a bold statement and real eye catching wonderment.  I personally gave mine to a very good friend of mind who was delighted wen you saw such a wonderful piece that you really just don’t see just any place.  She knew it was unique as the thought behind the present was.  It’s a personal gift with their very own initial that says I’m happy to know who you are and not ashamed of it.  Don’t you think?  It just kind of gives you that personal touch as a gift to a close friend and/or loved one.   You can get these necklaces at a place called who sells other type of jewelry.   Monogram Jewelry, Name Necklaces, Name Jewelry, Specialty Name Jewelry (like if you want it in another language for example), Languages, different types of materials, and different lengths/sizes of chains.  They also include a warranty with all of their merchandise not to mention free shipping worldwide on all orders too!  Namefully the values of quality, value and customer service are paramount.  They also strive for perfection across the board; from the finest finished product to the most careful attention to detail, they feel their customers always come first. They’re also proud of their exclusive products.  They also welcome you to submit custom designs, and invite you to contact them with absolutely any inquiry.  Now that’s service for sure.



“If value is considered the monetary or material worth of an object, Namefully strives to meet and exceed that meaning.  With years upon years of experience and networking in the international jewelry market, our customers benefit from the inherent advantage that accompanies these roots.  Experience translates into efficiency; a practiced model means a seamless series of transactions that flow towards a final product.  Ultimately, this means delivering the piece of your dreams to your doorstep at the most affordable prices today.”  I thought this was rather important to people who would like to buy here on line sight unseen!  Namefully is dedicated to ensuring that all customers enjoy safe and convenient shopping on their site.  This means employing the most advanced internet security technologies behind the scenes, while allowing the greatest amount of flexibility for you on site.  Now that’s class!




*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product at no cost to me for my honest opinion.

  3 Responses to “Gothic Initial Necklace in Acrylic Review”


    I haven’t worn an initial pendant since I was in high school. This one looks nicer than the one that I did have.


    I am with Danielle. I haven’t either. Is this going to be a present to a grand-kid?


    Glad you like it
    Thank you for a great review!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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