Mar 022015

Show someone you care and send a treat! Only $9.99 with shipping included!

 1. Shipping package.  They use colorful padded envelopes to ensure your INSTACANDI does not get crushed during delivery.   This is true!  I ordered some and it was super easy!

2. The INSTACANDI ranges from old-time favorites like Mary Janes and Tootsie Rolls to Snickers, Milky Ways or Jolly Ranchers.  They stock 100’s of different INSTACANDIS!  As you can see these are mostly just wrappers.  They couldn’t even wait until I took a picture!  LOL

3.  All INSTACANDI is wrapped up in a nice clear package, accented with themed confetti, depending upon the occasion.  Isn’t that cute and little tiny shiney smiley faces everywhere!!!

4. They will also include your custom message hand-written on a themed card that you add at checkout.

5. Best yet, each yet is the same price no matter how many boxes you order.  **So I’m here to tell you totally cute… cute… cute… Think of someone who needs a little sweetening up & order today!  

*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product at no cost to me for my honest opinion.

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    Well, it looks like someone had fun eating a bunch of INSTACANDI! My daughter thinks it’s great as well as I gifted a package to her.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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