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Crystal Wash 2.0 KickStarter Campaign

I was asked to review this product, and they call it Crystal Wash!  Changing the way you do laundry, and boy they weren’t kidding.  So, they say everyone has to do laundry… (tell me about it… four kids, eleven grandkids and a husband that comes home pretty darn dirty).  Now not that I do my kids laundry, but when they come over I don’t send them home with dirty clothes to say the least.  So new  and exciting isn’t the words I would associate with laundry, but I try to stay open minded.  Crystal Wash is something that works and we can make doing laundry easier for you, better for the environment and at the same time save you money.  So, I say show me!!!

So they say:  Crystal Wash could be a great story here for these reasons:

Innovative gear – 1000 loads of clean laundry without using Detergents, Chemicals or Perfume. We’re an amazingly efficient and natural way to do laundry. 

So, I’ve done three loads so far one of which was a comforter, and the other sheets, towels etc. and so far so good!  I love the way it smells, and my wash looks wonderful, and no mess and so darn convenient.  I can hardly believe it though 1,000 loads?  So, I decided to do another load and really give it the test.  My husband’s jeans after wearing them at work, and they came out looking really good, and better than my other laundry soap, and believe me I was surprised.  Now I still use my softner, but I can’t begin to tell you how satisfied I am.  Now to put it to the test.  My husband!

Now that’s the kind of smile I like and telling me thank you for working so hard! ~snicker~snicker~

I mean what’s a girl to do?  ~hehehe~ These are really cool!  No measuring and no mess.  No dyes, no perfumes and no chemicals.  Love it.  Crystal Wash™ 1000 loads of clean laundry without using Detergents, Chemicals or Perfume… Now launching into the 21st Century.

I am so sold on these.  1,000 LOADS!  Do you know how much money that’s going to save me?  Have you any idea what I could spend that money on?  ~snicker-snicker~  And you can too.. do you want to order these beauties?  Well, all you have to do is go to

Here’s How Crystal Wash™ Works:

Now, I didn’t want you to miss out on anything so this is straight from the horse’s mouth:

The pH level of laundry water impacts the wash greatly. If the water is overly acidic or alkaline it can damage delicate clothes and fabrics, cause colors to fade and cause clothing to still seem dirty even after washing. Most detergents on the market are a pH level of 6.5 – 9, but they use chemicals to achieve these levels.

The key to Crystal Wash is the Bio Ceramics:

  • Deep Cleaning: As Crystal Wash moves around in your laundry machine during a cycle, it changes the chemistry and raises the pH balance of the water. The higher Alkaline water created by Crystal Wash enables dirt and soils to be soaked free naturally.
  • Disinfecting: This process creates a natural Hydrogen Peroxide which disinfects your clothes…killing bacteria and odors.
These special Bio Ceramics were developed using various minerals with very effective antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties.

Now, as I said I am sold on this product through and through and I’m going to share this product with my whole family so they can have the convenience, no mess, no measuring and the best part… saving money!  I love my babies and they’ll love me even more, but don’t think that’s possible.  As I said I’ve got four children, their spouses, 11 grandchildren and one great-grandson and after all that laundry I think I know a little bit about doing laundry and taking care of dirty clothes.  Take it from a pro this stuff really works!  It smells great and my clothes are so clean.  I’m just flabbergasted!  What more can I say?  Ask me again after 500 loads and I’m still using the same balls.  Better yet ask me after 900 loads and I’m still using the same balls.  I’ll tell you true!~hehehe~  Pass the word and let’s all save money and save our planet!

Nature Working With Nature…

As the Bio Ceramics collect odors, dirt and waste from your laundry, you simply put them in the sun for an afternoon to recharge them. You only need to do this approximately every 30 days (or laundry loads). There is nothing else you need to do. Just a little sun and they will be just as effective as their first wash…. now that’s nature working with nature!

Crystal Wash Scores 4 out of 5 Stars above Detergent! In two independent studies Crystal Wash was proven to be more effective in washing 4 out of 5 of the most stained colors…

Now this is going to be a quicky give-away because I want someone to win this great product.

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This Give-Away Ends at 11:00 p.m. Winner’s name has to be in before midnight if you still care to enter please do & GOOD LUCK!

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