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Welcome aboard our 236th wk. of “Monday’s Music Moves Me” !

notesI’m the Conductor of this Musical trip, and the other Conductors are my buds Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, holy cow 092Naila-Moon of Just the Stuff Ya Know on our Love Rockin’ Train.  APPLAUSE!  NOW LET’S ROCK THIS PLACE & get this TRAIN rollin’!

 ALL ABOARD OUR ROCKIN’ ROLL LOVE TRAIN!  We’re eager to greet you at the station & F-O-L-L-O-W   U too!  Just sign our linky, grab our button  & leave a cool comment!  You don’t have to do a video, leave a link to one is fine.  

Our “SPOTLIGHT DANCER” gets the PRIVILEGE of picking the THEME for the following week that we have a theme.  EVERY OTHER WEEK we have a FREEBIE! 

OUR SPOTLIGHT DANCER IS:  Not going to be dancing for a while, but instead we’re going to have our Conductor’s dance for us for a little while, and today’s theme is a “FREEBIE”!   I’m asking everyone please that reads this make sure you’re following me on linky followers in my side bar.  In order for me to join this program that I would love to be a part of I have to have a 1,000 followers.   My old blog had over 1300, but couldn’t bring them with me.  Please follow me under LINKY FOLLOWERS!  Thank you very much!  HUGS & Ask a friend if they would too!  Anything you want me to follow in return feel free to leave a comment about it!  THANKS.



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Well, this week’s theme is a “Freebie”! ” So let me see what I have in my bag of rock & roll! How about some songs for my friends because I really want you all to know how I feel about you all that stop by and play tunes with us and boogie!  My first one will be by James Taylor “You’ve got a Friend”.
and how about “You’ve got a Friend in Me”! and then we also have Friendship with Lucy & Ethel! and just to remind you my most favorite “That’s what Friends are for”!

LOVE YOU ALL… HUGS… AND REMEMBER YOU HAVE A FRIEND IN ME! animated gifs photo:  Guitarwithmusicalnotesfloatingup.gifDon’t forget to follow everyone! Now let’s ROCK! 


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  10 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me!”


    What a good mix Marie love James Taylor and Dionne & co (were on first name terms) Lucy & Ethel a classic used to love The Lucy Show on TV when I was a kid 🙂

    Have a tanfabulosatasticated week (try saying that after a few Beaujolais) and….just don’t 🙂


    You can’t go wrong ever with music celebrating friendship. I love Lucy & Ethel’s routine!! I remember watching that episode as a re-run many times as a kid and even our kids saw when they little. Thanks friend for the sweet memories with these fun, fun songs!


    Liking your Lineup, Marie [and your thoughts on friendship]
    New grandbaby arrived a week early yesterday, so a wee bit behind in getting mine up 🙂
    but will post to fb asap – thanks for hosting the FuN !


    Aww now, this just made me have a wonderful start to the morning. Cheers to friendship!


    All of these are old favorites! As for “Friendship” by Cole Porter, did you know that if he needed an extra verse, he wrote one off the top of his head for whoever needed it or just to personalize it for some celebrity?


    Excellent songs! I always love Sweet baby James. I think he could sing the dictionary and still capture my attention. Have a fabulous week, friend!


    I really enjoyed your selections this week, i went a little Roy Oberson Crazy this week, and 2 non Roy O to kick it off.


    I just love Sweet Baby James . . . and Stevie, too. I love Lucy & Ethel and Toy Story. Four good picks.


    I always love that Toy story song.
    Thanks for hosting Doll!
    Have a blessed week!


    Love love love all your friend song choices, Marie! I listened to them on Monday but didn’t get a chance to comment, so I was treated again to another listen! 🙂 Thanks for being such an awesome friend. 🙂

    A Guy Walks Into a Bar Doin’ Country Right – Raise ‘Em Up, Sugar!

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