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*Lines that rhyme are a collection of rhymes where children try to guess the answer of the rhyme by clues given throughout the text. It inspires the child to draw on acquired knowledge and guess the answer before looking at the picture on the back of the page. It also gives children the ability to associate words to pictures.  Now with that being said this is such a fun book!  My granddaughter who’s 12 loves this book, and so does my grandson who’s only 7.  Go figure.  This is the type of book that you sit down with your children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews and spend some great fun quality time.  What a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon, don’t you think so.  There’s page after page of these fun what is it games! ~hehe~  And the answer is right on the back of the page.  My grandson and I played where if he guessed it he got a penny, and if he didn’t I got a smooch!  Come on, is that cool or what?  We had so much fun with this book I wish it was bigger!  I love smooches from my grandbabies!

Now do you want to play that game?  Well, you can.  Do you have a Kindle?  Well if you do this wonderful author Mr. Tepper is giving away a Kindle Edition of his “Lines That Rhyme”, and all you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below.  That’s it!  So come on now… let’s hop too it… smooches are awaiting!  ~hehehe~  This book is really that fun for both child and parent!  Believe me.  I can’t wait until my other grandchildren come over to play the game with them!  Hmm  Maybe I can play this game with hubby to see who does dishes tonight!  LOL

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