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Brand: Mom’s ChoiceProduct: Drill Free Baby Cabinet Locks

Oh my goodness, these are so easy to do you’re going to love these.  Hello everyone, and thank you for stopping by.  I’m called “NaNee” by 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandson!  Yep, that’s me.  Now none of these babies live with me, but they all come to visit sooner or later so my cabinets are not baby friendly so to speak.  They can open my doors as easy as you please, and take out all my pots and pans and do a drum solo!!!  Also, under my sink cabinet where all the skull & crossbones are, and that’s soooooooo not good, BUT… NOT ANYMORE thanks to my new Magnetic Safety Locks!  Oh blessed be!  Pass the Magnetic Safety Locks and bring on the babies!  ~hehehe~  Check this out!

Uses super strength adhesive by 3M to secure cabinet doors & drawers.
Simple 5 Minute Installation (Per Lock) needs no tools to install (that’s so cool & it’s so fast to install).
Includes two magnetic keys for convenience.
Locks can be manually set to unlock position
Package includes 8 Locks + 2 magnetic keys for convenience.

And the Best Benefit:
Don’t ruin your cabinets by screwing into them, and then you have holes everywhere & hubby starts to crab at ya…  Uses super-strength 3M brand adhesive that will not damage cabinets.  Thats’ it! It really is sturdy and holds on.  These are really life savers for sure & no more headaches from banging pots!
Perfect for renters who do not want to drill into their cabinets.  So if you have crawlers that are so inquisitive like my grandbabies you really need to get some of these.  Just ask my Angelo he has to search for toys now instead of my pots and pans!  ~hehehe~

Great GrandsonXD

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  3 Responses to “Drill Free Baby Cabinet Locks Review”


    def a must need when you have little ones running around


    No more headaches from banging pots!? How could you deprive a child that pleasure of becoming a rock star right in his own kitchen?

    Actually, I like these. Much better than the ones that I already got my daughter.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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