Mar 212015

What a beautiful Spring morning to celebrate the beginning of Spring & join my friend Cathy for a tune or two at her song-suasion, and I believe my bud Naila-Moon joins in too!  Why don’t we both go over there and check it out!

I was raised around music all my life.  My Mom loved the big bands and every Saturday during our house-cleaning chores we listened to her big stereo with the Big Bands.  I’ve always loved music and its always made me feel close to family, loved, and happy!  So let’s enjoy being happy and listen to some old tunes.

Sunrise Stock Photo

WOO HOO!  The first day of Spring!  Don’t you just love it?  Enjoy the pics and the videos I’ve chose to

share with you!  Woo Hoo  HUGS!         Teenage sisters, doing exercises at sunset Royalty Free Stock Photo

angel-fairy in white_XmasDolly-GMT_Hugs

  3 Responses to “#SaturdaySongsuasion & Suddenly it’s Springtime!”


    Is it spring now at your house? My daughter just got three more inches of snow yesterday. Me? Well, it will probably be in the low 80s today. The cottonwoods are almost fully green, and the wildflowers are everywhere. My roses are doing tremendously well, but I have too many aphids this year. The cactus are blooming, and the lupine has bloomed. The birds are singing like crazy outside. I think I have some finches building a nest in one of my rose bushes, but it’s so thick with leaves this year, that I can’t see inside. I know there is a bird in there by the way the branches are twitching around.


      How lovely! You should definitely take a picture of that rose bush and show it off with finches on it too if you can. Ahhh Cottonwoods another picture… oh my wildflowers everywhere? i would be taking pictures and have them all over my blog. Unfortunately we have nothing as of yet, but I did notice at the top of the trees some buds so they’re coming. Please share your Spring with us some time. Thank you for sharing. HUGS


    What bubbly and happy sounds for this week’s #SaturdaySongsausion edition! I’m feeling so fine after listening to your tunes and enjoying being outdoors under blue skies. I love springtime! 😉

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