Mar 262015

700 Thread Count Luxury Soft Cotton Silky Sateen Sheet Set, Extra Deep Pocket, King by Francois et Mimi

~~Made of 100% Luxury Sateen Egyptian Cotton
•Deep Pocket Fit, up to 16″
•Includes One Fitted Sheet, One Flat Sheet and Pillowcase

Now the above sheets are the ones I wish I would have gotten, but they sent me this color, and they’re just fine… did I say FINE?  Oh my gosh, they’re more then fine.  These sheets are going to out live me.  Now I’ve already washed them once, and they’re as if I just took them out of packaging.

I received these sheets in the color of chocolate, and there were two pillow cases, a top sheet and a fitted sheet.  Now unfortunately mine came in King Size, but I have a Queen size bed so I more or less made it fit by just tucking it under.  Now I have used them and they were quite comfortable, and the material is unbelievable.  Nothing like I have ever felt before as far as sheets are concerned.  These sheets will out last my bed I think, and probably me!   They are not thin by no means.  Not like regular cotton sheets.  I also have washed them once already and they do wash well.  No fading whatsoever!  They are as new as the day I got them, and they are so darn comfortable.  Hubby loves them too.  Now my personal opinion I will save these sheets for the more colder weather.  I think they would be too hot in the summertime, but we’ll see.  I’m very pleased with these, and I really, really believe these sheets will out-live me.  I really want to get these in blue to match my room.  As you can see my carpet is blue.

You can get these sheets at by clicking below:

700 Thread Cotton Sheet Set (Assorted Colors)-King

I really don’t think I’ll go back to cotton sheets… well, maybe in the hot months, but wintertime.  These are definitely the ones.  I’m going to get the blue ones so I can switch off.   You will definitely not go wrong with these at all.  Here’s how much we like them…  definitely our comfort zone!  These are so soft too, which makes cuddling so much nicer.  Personally I don’t think these sheets will ever fade or tear.  You cannot go wrong with these.  They’re so smooth and silky feel I could rub my hands back and forth on these, and never get tired of feeling them.  They are that soft, silky and comfortable.  I’m totally convinced.  🙂

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    I think the chocolate looks pretty with your blue carpeting. As for the sheets, they look rich and cozy. I would love to get a set of these.


    Those sheets I have too and they are so nice and wonderful to sleep on.


    ahh man looks like a place to lay my head down right now!


    I love deep pocket sheets! We have some flannel ones, not this brand, and I love them! The chocolate sheet set looks nice. I like earthy colors!


    Egyptian cotton sheets are GREAT!!! And I love the fact that they have deep pockets cause well… I have a thick mattress!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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