Apr 022015
Nicki XD

This is my sweet little granddaughter “Nicole”! Isn’t she just too cute with her “Bows” ? But when she’s not being so adorable she’s ……


Best “Batter”! Swing Baby Girl, Swing!

Swing that “Bat”!


She caught that “Ball”! WOO HOO





By the way Her Dad (my son) is the Coach for that “Baseball” team & Niki is the “Bestest” daughter & a daddy’s “Baby Girl”!


“Betty Boop” playing “Baseball”! XmasDolly


ooooooooooo  BUNNIES!!!


  3 Responses to ““B” and Baseball really kinda goes together… don’t ya think?”


    Very cool


    Well, she is just a cute little go-getter!


    What wonderful pictures and your granddaughter is certainly cute. I am visiting from the Blogging A to Z challenge. I look forward to reading more and seeing more from your blog during the month.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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