Apr 022015

Bluetooth 4.0 includes A2DP,HFP,HSP,EDR
A2DP for wireless music streaming
Hands free audio(HFP) and headset profiles(HSP) for
hands-free calling capability
Range up to 50 feet transmitter distance
NFC(near field communication) optional
Touch button
Rechargeable Lithium battery for 5 hours of playtime
Built in Mic with advanced noise cancellation enable clear
wireless hands-free calling
Connect to iPod or any audio device with a 3.5mm mini

So with that being said to tell you the truth my little Tatyanna taught me how to hook this up to my cell phone.  Isn’t she just too cute.  hehehehe~  I was told to go to settings then find bluetooth, turn it on, and then look for Coosh and push the button and WAH LAH It’s time to Boogie… turn up the music!!!  This is going to be wonderful when we go on vacation or to the beach especially.  I used it today on my front porch while I was crocheting, and listening to some great tunes.  I love music, and this is exactly what I needed for sitting on the porch with this great Spring weather.  The sound is so clear, and yet smooth.  No crackling what so ever or humming.  Just the right about of bass, and treble to make the tune so great.   Check out my little video…

This would be nice to throw in the Easter Basket too!


  4 Responses to “Coosh CBT791B Ultra-Slick Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Review”


    This one sounds like a good bluetooth player. I have been looking around, and I really want another bluetooth player that has an SD card in it. Not many of those around.


    That’s really awesome. I totally want one. I love how it will fit in my purse especially and I’m able to turn it up. Where do I get one? Woo Hoo


    nice love bluetooth speakers! sounds like a good quality one as well.


    These are the best Bluetooth speakers. The quality and sound are outstanding!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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