Apr 032015
tony 3

My son Cuddles! It was his nickname and he was and still is my Cutie Pie Cuddles! Isn’t he just too too special. Unfortunately he is now 42 yrs. of age and has two of his own Cuties!

costumes etc 011

My Cutie Grandson Shawnie!

     Come on now, did you expect anything else from ME!!!!  Christmas and Candy Canes!  YUM!candycane-tagged-xmasdolly-gmt

But also C is for CUTE!!!!

Tricia 1st grade pic

My first Cutie!

springfling Formal436


My two youngest cuties!



  3 Responses to “C is for Christmas & my Cutie Pies!”


    I guess I missed B for baklava. Been a little under the weather with all the wind we have been having, but but grandma has to be fresh for her little angel.


    You have some cute grandkids. Like the bunny outfit.


    Nothing like Mom embarrassing the kids! LOL
    Seriously, I liked seeing your cuties!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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