Apr 042015

When my dad was in the service he sent my Mom a heart candy box with a doll on it all dressed in red in 1944. My Mom saved it all these years.

D  D is for my Dolly!

Vintage Valentine Heart Shaped Candy Box with Baby Doll Attached

This was the kind of candy box my dad sent my mom, but the box was red and so was the doll.

dolly 005

And this is my Mom’s doll she left me. It was her Christmas Dolly she use to call her and put her out every Christmas! When my daughter asked me what did I want to name my blog I was looking around and my eyes gazed at my dresser & the doll was on it.

Thus, XmasDolly was born!  dolly Xmas doll

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    You do know that you are one dandy dilly Dolly, too! Happy Easter!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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