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ALPSY® De-shedding Tool for dogs and cats reduces shedding up to 90% and comes with detachable 4-inch stainless steel blade head assembly, permitting to use shorter blades for smaller animals as well.   I couldn’t wait to try out this de-shedding tool on Baby!  Blade comes with protection cover.  Full instructions comes with your DeShedder.   Baby actually loved being groomed, and in certain spots that back leg would start scratching like crazy when you hit that itchy spot.  LOL  I really like that you don’t have to stop and let go of the dog and clean the comb and then go chase the dog down again because all you have to do is push the magic bottom and POOF the excess hair is gone, and in the garbage.  woo hoo!!!

It removes safely and quickly loose hair from the undercoat without damaging pet’s topcoat.
ALPSY Deshedding Tool Pro designed by professional, experienced groomers, features Hair Ejector Push-Button for easy removal of loose hair from the tool. Specially designed ergonomic handle with durable anti-slip grip is made of TPE/PP materials to protect human and animal skin from allergies.  Now thanks to my granddaughter, Miss Tatyanna, I have a model today of course is our “Baby” who is 12 yrs. old and has arthritis in her hips.  She also has dry skin.  This is the time of year that she is shedding her winter coat and therefore there is black hairs all over my carpet and the side of my couch where she lays or she really loves to…… shhhhhhh  go for a ride!  shhhhh….  there’s hair all over the back of my van, and the car smells like D-O-G!  ewwww  …but with this tool there won’t be ever again!

ALPSY De-Shedding Comb is being sold on Amazon. You can find Amazon link on our website, and now for a little demonstration of deshedding our Black Labrador… “Baby”!

ALPSY professional De-Shedding Comb is a perfect solution to control your pet’s shedding and keep your car, furniture and floor free of annoying pet hair.  Finally I have one that really works like she just came from a Pet Grooming Salon!  Let me give a big sigh of relief here!  ~SIGH~  Would you like to own one of these wonderful pet tools?  Well, now you can because they have offered one of my readers one, and all you have to do is enter our little rafflecopter below!  Now don’t push or shove there’s plenty of entries for everyone!  good luck
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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product at no cost to me for my honest opinion.

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    I have two dogs: Honey Bear and Millie.


    I learned that the product claims my dog will love it. My dog doesn’t love being brushed, so I’d be shocked if MY dog would love it. I’m willing to try it on her whether she likes it or not.



    I have a German Shepherd named Colt


    It features detachable head blade assembly, for easy replacement of blade or use of shorter blade for smaller pet.


    I could really use this for my dogs.

    They also have money belts! I could use one on my next cruise that I will be taking around the world.


    We have two dogs. Lord Bentley Carter the blood hound and Mozart the Chihuahua. One cat, Stormy


    Interesting, money belt and grooming comb. I like the pet groomer, big handle for us older folks.


    i have one toy rat terrier named Dora and one calico cat named Camo.


    I learned that this tool can be used on both long and short hair cats and dogs. This will also keep them happier and healthier and keep your house clean.


    I have four cats: Spook, DOS, Kitty, and Sofie.


    I learned that it can be used for long or short haired pets. That’s good since I have both.


    I learned that it has different size blades for different size of animals and it is detachable for head blade assembly and I like that it can be used on cats


    I like that this has a shorter blade for smaller animals—perfect for our cats.


    i would use this for sure and blog on it king pom and bubba shitzu and then princess chaiwaii

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