Apr 082015

   God is my Father!  

Music is a Gift from God so lift your heads up to the Lord Jesus Christ and show Him that we use this Gift from Him, and realize that Music is the Universal Language of the World between humans and animals also… we lift our heads of and show the Lord that we love him.

Also as humans we take this gift and show each other that when they lift their heads up they are rewarded by the GRAMMY’S & if you didn’t see the Grammy’s this year like me… HERE IT IS …. in FULL length! ENJOY! HUGS & thanks for stopping by… also I would like to ask you as you are my GUEST… please do me a favor and follow me in Linky Followers as I’m trying to get my numbers back since my move from blogspot. Thank you very much!!!! HUGS


angel-fairy in white_XmasDolly-GMT_Hugs

  2 Responses to “G can be Grand or it can be Great!”


    Good golly, Mario Lanza does a beautiful, beautiful job on the Lord’s Prayer ~ uplifting and inspiring! We only caught a glimpse of the Grammy’s this year. I don’t award shows like that much. Just give me the music and I’m happy. Have a great day!


    My old friend Dorothy loved Mario Lanza. She had all of his records. She got them when they first came out, too. I miss Dorothy. She was a grand old maid.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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