Apr 092015

   “H” is for Hugs!  Were you expecting anything else from me???  The original “Hug Queen”!  I love hugs and I love to give hugs… Hugs are very important.  Let me show you.   See…. now don’t you feel better?

Tips & Warnings

  •  Always hug goodbye and hello with friends and family.
  • While hugging, rub your hands up and down your co-hugger’s back, kiss his crown/forehead/cheek/neck, nestle your head into his chest, pick her up from the ground or wrap your legs around his waist. Adding such flair should be done with care, however.
  • Hugging many people at once is super fun, especially when proceeded by the boisterous exclamation, “Group hug!”
  • You can playfully initiate hugs using lines like, “Come here, you hot fox!” and “Hug me, big boy!”
  • Hugs can end a fight between lovers quicker than any love note, bouquet or verbal “sorry.”
  • Parents should hug their children at least once every day. They should hug their teenage children at least twice every day.
  • Do not pat your co-hugger on the head, back or bum unless you are romantically involved with the person. Be careful with the question, “Can I have a hug?” When done right, it can be endearing and powerful, yielding a satisfying hug for both parties involved.
  • When done wrong, it can come across as needy and annoying, yielding a obligatory sympathy hug that makes everybody feel yucky.
  •  If your significant other does not hug you the way you’d like, talk about it openly. If she still does not give you the quality or quantity of hugs that you need, leave that relationship. Hugs are essential to any intimate relationship.


“H” is also for Heaven where my little girl and guardian angel is at if she’s not on my shoulder!  She passed away of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.).   She was the first baby to live after the fact that she started breathing on her own for four hours, but because they know nothing about SIDS they couldn’t help her and she died 8.04.77.


Everyone… I would like you to meet my Guardian Angel, and my daughter who was born 4-9-77 (Yes, today’s her birthday & she would’ve been 38 yrs. old today), and yes I miss her very much.

(Chorus) Little Girl, Little Girl… your the Angel of my world

Little Girl you’re the Angel of my life… of my life!

Little Girl, Little Girl you’re the Angel of my World-Little Girl you’re the Angel of my Life! (end of chorus).

I once had a little… little girl that was mine, but the Angel’s came took her away,

But I know some day darlin’ you wait and see the Lord will give you back to me.  (repeat chorus)

I wrote this song for my little girl many years ago, and this is only part of it… thought I’d share.

betty-boop-f12-14 Angel

  6 Responses to ““H” is for HUGS… What else!!!!”


    I could use a hug right about now. I’ve got a small sinus headache and still exhausted from the family visit. My goodness, I’ll be heading out to Jersey later this year when she has her second baby. I need to get in shape.


      Oh NO!!!! Number Two? CONGRATULATIONS GRAMMA!!! WOO HOO Yes, you surely better get in shape. That’s fantastic… oh my that means you’ll be taking care of two if you’re trying to give her a break again! Oh boy… so happy for you HUGSSSSSSS you needed!!!!


    I’m so sorry about your daughter.


      That is so nice of you. It’s so unfair. A parent should never out live their children and it never goes away. I like to think she’s sitting on my shoulder taking care of me watching everything that is the only thing that keeps me sane, and yes I do talk to her when I’m alone with her, so as you can see I’m never alone. It’s me & my angel. 🙂 Thank you again Alex.. HUGS


    I was loving your post and then bam…you hit me with your little angel. She was a cutie and I am so sorry that you do not have her here today with you.


    a mother should NEVER have to bury a child. Its just not natural. BIG HUGS to you, my friend.

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