Apr 112015

J    is for my Lord JESUS!  Pray for us.  There was no other word or name that could have come to mind first but my Lord Jesus!  My Father, my Brother, my Lord & Spirit that is in my heart both night and day that I pray to for my family and friend and for my Country!  Jesus bless America!

This picture really struck my heart and I wanted to share with all of you. Amen


 Joy to the World!

Have a wonderful weekend!

angel-fairy in white_XmasDolly-GMT13

  5 Responses to “J is for my Lord Jesus my Father in Heaven!”


    This one is the best use for the letter ‘J’! When you get to M, be sure to remember Mary and you can also have Sister Act’s “O Maria” I just love that version!


    Amen! The best choice of all for J.


    Hello,, my friend. I was thrilled when I realised you were taking part in the A to Z Blog Challenge too. Excellent!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the challenge.


    You picked a winner for the “J” prompt. Jesus totally rocks! Where would we be, if Jesus didn’t come to earth? He is my joy!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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