Apr 172015

You know once upon a time I thought now what the heck do I need a bread bin for.  It only takes up more space on the counter, and I don’t have enough to begin with, but then I thought… WOW look at this one!  It matches my stove, and that would look really classy on my counter so I got one, and wah lah!  It not only looks classy it really cleaned up the mess of piled bread loaves etc. and things look so much neater now… don’t you think so?

Outside… so much neater!

Inside… cool!

So let me tell you what this has.

Great for Bread, Bagels and More!
•Large size accommodates 2-3 loaves
•Modern Black Finish
•Easy-access Roll-top Lid.


So as you can see I have my bread in there, and Hamburger buns, and in front of the buns is our rye bread and there’s still room for muffins or a loaf of rye bread.  So it really does hold a lot, and it does make my counter look so much neater don’t you think?  It’s light in weight I don’t feel it’s thin in material so it won’t crack or dent easily.  I personally think it’s very classy looking.  When I go to clean it I use a paper towel and window cleaner, and it makes it shine without streaking.   Love it when it shines!  I have one neat counter now and my bread stays fresher!

Happy Cook xmasdolly_gmt


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    It’s certainly nice! We just brought out three loaves out of the oven just about an hour ago. One loaf went with dinner. Would it hold three 8″x 5″ loaves that get to be over 6 inches high? That’s basically how big our loaves are.


    I am so happy to have mine. It is awesome!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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