Apr 192015

The Stainless Steel Collapsible Vegetable Steamer 

Hello everyone!  I would like to explain something to you about myself.  Now I’m not just the House-Wife in our home, and I’m not just somebody’s mother or grandmother, relative or friend in our home.  I am the “Cook”!  Not just any “Cook”.. I am “The Cook”!  This means I love to cook, and it’s a darn good think I do because my four children would’ve starved or grown up unhealthy.  Now my oldest child travels about 45 minutes if not a little longer every Thanksgiving because she loves my stuffing, and won’t hear of anyone else making her mama’s stuffing.  (Love that baby girl), and my youngest daughter… well, not only her they all love their mama’s breaded steak and cauliflower.

Well, one day I woke up, and all of a sudden I wasn’t cooking for an army (four children and most of the time their friends), it was only my darling husband and myself, and I would start to cook, and I had left overs on top of leftovers.  So one day I woke up and said to myself, “Self, you don’t have to do all this work anymore.  Get with the real program.”  So, I packed up the big pots, and frying pans and strainers and such and I brought them all downstairs and put them on the shelves, and in my cupboard, and left the others upstairs that was built for two, and I told hubby I need to find a strainer built for just me, and you, and guess what I found that my mother was using?  Yep, this Stainless Steel Collapsible Vegetable Steamer, and I love it.  I told her let me borrow it.  Oh NO, she says, “Get your own”!!!  lol  So I have and I love it!  This is so cool, and so easy to use, and the size is perfect.

Mine hangs under my cupboard (it has this little ring you can hang it from in the middle.  Very cool!  Now it’s very simple to get one of these for your own because you can buy them on Amazon.com and all you have to do is click the wording above for our strainer.    Now you don’t have to have just two people in the house to lover this strainer because it’s also a steamer too.  I use it to steam dumplings over boiling water too just to mention one.  It has these little legs and you put just enough water there, and when you go to take the steamer out well, you just grab it by it’s ring I was telling you about.  So cool & convenient.  I’m one happy camper with this product.  Now here’s a few things Amazon  says about it:

  • A premium quality vegetable steamer made from 100% high-grade stainless steel (including legs).
  • Unique design which expands to fit various pot sizes. Collapsable for space saving storage.
  • No assembly required. Legs and center post are already attached for a stable, durable, veggie steamer.
  • Easy removal from pan with sturdy central ring. Takes up less space than bamboo steamers.
  • Diameter 5.3″ to 9.25″ – Height range (legs included) 2″ to 3.35″

Convinced yet?  Well, you should be.  It’s convenient, and doesn’t take up hardly any space at all!  I’m one happy camper!


  2 Responses to “Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Review”


    Looks like a great steamer. Would love to have a steamed artichoke.


    This is the greatest steamer, strainer! Love how it collapses, I love steaming my veggies in it!!!!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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