Apr 202015

Product Description

  • REDUCE SHEDDING IN MINUTES – REMOVES UP TO 90% OF DEAD AND LOOSE HAIR WITHOUT DAMAGING THE TOPCOAT.  Used and Recommended by Veterinarians, Groomers and Pet Professionals. This Tool is Guaranteed to Reduce Shedding Better Than any Brush, Rake or Comb! This Tool Enables You to Share Your Home with Your Pet, Without Surrendering it to Hair. 

  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE – 100MM – The Stainless Steel Edge Reaches Deep Beneath Your Pet’s Topcoat to Safely Remove the Dead Undercoat and Loose Hair Faster, Easier and Painlessly.  

  • SILICA GEL HANDLE PROTECTS HUMANS & PETS FROM SKIN ALLERGIES. This Newly Designed Ergonomic Handle is Made of Environmentally Friendly Materials.that mould to the shape of your hand to make deshedding easy and comfortable.

This is what the company says about this product, and now I’ll show you what I say, and my Black Labrador “Baby”.  She’s 13 yrs. old, and if I do not groom her my tan rug in our frontroom turns black. Ewwww So very, very embarrassing.  It’s like people will come over, and…  well, ewwwww because I know that’s what I would do too if I found it at someone else’s house.  So check out our little video…

So there ya go!  Whatcha think?  Cool huh?  This one is slender enough to do her back legs and hind quarters with no problem at all in comparison to a longer one.  So check it out… your carpet and family will love you for it… not to mention your loving pet!  Give him/her a treat for me too! 🙂

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  4 Responses to “FurBuddy Pet Grooming deShedding Tool 100MM Review”


    What I need right now is a dematting tool for my dogs. Since my dogs don’t shed, well not much, they get matted easily. It’s time to take the time to scissor them down since taking them to a groomer won’t work with them.


    Ahh yes, my kitties might get to like this if we had one!
    Very nice review Dolly.


    this is amust have for any dog owner


    OMG! I just reviewed the FurBuddy Grooming Set! Love it! It does wonders with getting all those knots and mats out of my enormous golden doodle dog! Stopping by from Blog Hop Link-up!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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