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Ceramic is an eco-friendly  material that does not leach metal ions found in steel knives, and will not corrode or rust from long-term exposure to moisture, oils, and acids in common foods.

3 ultra sharp 100% ceramic knives that slice through fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats with unmatched ease.

Each Ozeri ceramic knife weighs less than half of the equivalent metal knife, reducing fatigue, and pain associated with preparing big meals, and repetitive cutting.  By utilizing the purest ceramic, each blade is close in hardness to diamonds, and preserves its razor sharpness 10 times longer than traditional steel blades.

I wanted to show you up close that the steel blade on these knives are dark grey in color giving it that metallic like look! One of these knives could cut through a strand of hair.

You can have it either way!

Perfectly balanced ergonomic handles make chopping, mincing, and dicing easier than ever before.  When I got my new knives I made stew that day, and I cannot believe how easily these knives glided through potatoes, and especially the carrots.  The celery was chopped one, two, three!!!  I am so satisfied, and please with this product.  Ozeri you get a thumbs up from me that’s for sure!

They come in 3″, 5″, and 6″ Ceramic Chef’s Knives! Talk about class!


I am just totally in love with these knives. This product makes me feel like somebody special. Like a for real Chef!! Bona Petite!

*Remember to keep out of reach from children!

Ozeri you have won my heart once again!


Happy Cook xmasdolly_gmt

*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product at no cost to me for my honest opinion.

  22 Responses to “Elite Chef Black Ceramic 3-Piece Knife Set by Ozeri Review”


    These are awesome looking knives! Just what I need in my kitchen. thanks for the great review.


    What a beautiful knife set! I am in the market for new knives and I don’t think I ever realized there were ceramic ones! I will definitely be looking more into these! Thanks!


    What a great knife set that I will check it out too! Always looking for more chef knives!


    Those knives look fancy and not to mention sharp! I just purchased a knife block a couple of weeks ago, but I know where to look when I need new knives!


    I have some ozeri things and like them, so I may have to get these knives.


    Wow! These are gorgeous! Love how sleek and sturdy they look. I also love the look of the knife “holder”- looks very classy.


    These knives really are gorgeous and, since I cook a lot, it looks to me like they would be well balanced and would be very comfortable in your hand.


    These knives look very nice! We probably need to buy a new one after we move in a couple weeks. our handle is starting to get wobbly.


    I love those knives. They look classy. I think I need to change my old knives now.


    These are some good looking knifes and sound like they are really good ones too. I prefer ceramic knifes to metallic ones


    These are gorgeous! We need new knives so these would be perfect! My poor husband is always complaining about ours being so dull!


    omg new knives are something I need so bad!!! I cook so much that I go threw knives and pans so quick. These look so nice that I might just have to look into a set!


    A good set of knives is a kitchen’s best friend. Cooking is much easier if you have a good set with you. Which reminds me, I don’t have a good set of knives anymore.


    This sounds like an awesome set of knives indeed. It would make a great gift for Mother’s Day. I love that they are light in weight than the normal knifes and the stand looks gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


    I have the exact same Ozeri knife set and totally love it!


    A knife set is so important to ones kitchen. I’m seriously thinking that I need this set. It looks awesome and affordable too.


    Those knives look great! I am thinking of getting a new set so will check these out. Hope they are as sharp as they look.


    Those knives are what I need. I like that they are made from an eco friendly material.


    This looks and sounds like a really great set of ceramic knives! I have been using a ceramic knife for the past year and it works really good.


    these knives put mine to shame need an upgrade


    Ozeri Ceramic Knife looks like something I need in the kitchen. the one I’m currently using is quite thick and I want a thinner one.


    This looks awesome! I love ceramic knives and this one looks great as well. Thanks for sharing!

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