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Very sorry, but we’re going to by-pass my usual Post today Flash from the Past & Let’s be friends so that I may finish up my A thru Z challenge. It’s almost over. Thanks. If you would like to make a comment feel free! HUGS It shall continue next week.


Lorie Shewbridge, she was my first buddy that jumped on our band wagon of Monday’s Music Moves Me & we also did a Recipe me me for a little while, but then she went off to do her own thing and me mine! Love you Gal!!!


NightOwlMama my first blogger friend and my first born… love you baby girl!



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 hanks  for the memories!    Come with me and take a walk down Memory Lane, and thank you for making my memories so delightful.  🙂





Then my buddy & good, good friend Stacy & sidekick there Princess N. (We’ll let Stacy tell you what the N. means hehehe). My confidant & rock & roll Pal & always there when I need her.


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Then there’s my beautiful Callie girl! She jumped on the music train too when we first revved up our engines… and in fact I believe some where down the line I adopted this child! ~hehehe~








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meNmarie 12312

During this time I met my friend “GlitterBabe” aka Steph… and I found out she lived near my house and we met for lunch one day at a favorite restaurant of both of ours, and we had a great time and remain friends to this day! Love ya Gal! HUGS!



Now I’m not sure so much if I have the order right, but who cares I want to THANK all my buds for the memories! Naila-Moon… oh my gosh! Now what would’ve I done without you at two o’clock in the morning typing back and forth laughing.. or crying… or even having a snack together.. remember? Then even Naila jumped on board our Rock & Roll train!!! YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND~ And in fact we adopted each other as sisters!!!










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Now we have this beauty! This is my Cyber-daughter everyone! Yes, I adopted her a long time ago, and she lives not that far from me either. Oh I’d say about an hour’s ride. Unfortunately, with both of us being sick we haven’t had time to be together yet, but I plan on it. We did spend time time & actually finally met at Blog Her 13′ when it came to Chicago. She is such a sweet soul. I pray you meet a doctor finally that helps you baby girl. Thanks for being my friend! Love you baby girl!


Gillian.South Africa

Then we have my fun friend Gillian all the way from South Africa… She is so much fun, and I’ll let you in on a little secret. If you ever wondered through my Pinterest and seen a board there called Shoes for my Friend? Yep, this is my friend! She loves shoes! The wilder the better! She is just so much fun and sometimes too too funny! Thanks for being there for me girlfriend~!

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Then we have my Faythe! What a wonderful friend she is. We swap horror stories about our ailments. My poor friend… she has similar things wrong with her as myself… so we console each other from time to time and now I can thank her properly and give her the recognition she deserves. You know all my signatures with my Angels and Betty Boop etc.? Yep! My Faythe Girl made them all and she always pops up with more! Especially for ALL the holidays. Love you gal!!! That’s her sweet hubby that takes care of my friend!
















So, last, but not the very least… I saved this friend for last because we adopted each other a very long time ago. We found out that everything about us was so much alike right down too the nationality.. and names.. and just sooooooo many things. We have talked soooooooo much… and medical histories were very similar that it was almost eerie! So let me introduce you to my Italian buddy. It’s Cheryl from CMash Loves to Read!  Now sad thing is Cheryl does love to read, but she has had so many back surgeries that she can’t even stand up straight.  Well, this last surgery took like about 8 hrs. one day and 6 more the next day.  Can you imagine going through all that?  Well, she’s recooping still so I’m going to ask all of you for your prayers for my Italian sister Cheryl to start healing a bit faster…  I’m sure she’s getting tired of it all!  Love you Sis!!!

There are so many people I would like to put up, but due to space I just can’t.  So… to all my friends I just want to say….

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It may not have gone exactly that way, but you know what I mean! I’m sure I forgot some friends, but you know you all mean so much to me! Thanks for the acceptance into blogland! hugs2 TO ALL!!!


This tune is for my dear friend Danielle at Royalegacy who lives close to Bob Hope’s house.. she told me I was wrong so this one if for her, the real singer for “Thanks for the Memories” to all of you… I’d put up a pic of Danielle, but unfortunately I don’t have one. Now what she should do is send me one! hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    First, you do have some great friends, and I know as I am one of them (hopefully).

    Second, how could you have Bing singing “Thanks for the Memories” That’s a Bob Hope song! I am kinda more fond of his since I have been near his home in Palm Springs many times. My husband even worked at the house once, but that was before me.


      Well, first of all your picture would have been up there, but sadly I don’t have one 🙁 Secondly Bob Hope’s was all about him, and it just didn’t sound right… but just for you and because I don’t have your picture I shall put up his version just for you my friend! 🙂


    What a wonderful way to honor friends. I know Gillian – one of my first followers. And nice your first was your daughter.


    You are such a sweetheart, Marie! I’m honored to be considered amongst your cool and elite friends. We share quite a few mutual friends – and the ones I’m unfamiliar with, I’ll have to start stalking them, too. 😉 I look forward to MANY years of friendship. One of these days I’ll have to get to Chicago – or you’ll have to come play tourist in Seattle! 🙂


    I feel so honored to be included in your “Friendship Family”!! so sorry I am so late in responding to this honor 😛 where or where did you find that goofy pic of me & hubby! LOL. we were celebrating our anniversary in this one & we were in San Diego visiting our son & new DIL at the time, do not remember the year, but A while ago. I hope I can be on the list to meet in person, we could meet half way??
    lots of huggies, Faythe

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