Apr 262015

Flat Irons

When you feel like it’s time for straight, shiny locks flat irons are so well-designed and powerful they can straighten even the curliest of hair. Hair straighteners also come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, and some even include thermal bags or travel containers so the flat iron is protected. Many irons also include a warranty to guarantee that the electronic components are functional for years to come. Depending on how long or short your hair is, or the type of styles you seek, you will need to select a style that best suits your styling needs. For instance, a 1.5-inch iron works best on medium to long hair, while 1-inch irons are typically made for shorter hair.  So ya got it now… okay check this out as my granddaughter shows us how it’s done, and I try to explain a little bit more to ya.  Have a great day!

Gurin Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener, 1.25 inch with Carrying Case In Stock.  As far as this Flat Iron I can remember (I know, I know I’m showing my age… oh well…) when the girls were putting damp dish towels on their hair while on an ironing board and their girlfriends would iron their hair, but I didn’t have to because my hair was already poker straight, but now that I’m older I developed a wave somewhere along the line.  Go figure!

1. Straighten, flip and curl your hair
2. Adjustable temperature from 240F to 450F (120C – 220C) to suit all hair types
3. Ceramic/tourmaline plates create a shinier, silkier finish in lesser time
4. 1.25 inch plate width, wide enough for any hair length and hair types, yet narrow enough for bangs
5. Transform frizzy, dull hair into gorgeous straight, sleek locks


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    I won a flat iron at Mary’s Cup of Tea almost two years ago now. It has zebra stripes on it. Since I like my wavy hair, I have never used it. Seeing how easy it is, I might have to try.


    I have heard that ceramic flat irons are top notch! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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