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   is for ME!!!!!  XMASDOLLY!   HI EVERYBODY!  YES ME XMASDOLLY AND HOW DID THAT HAPPEN…. well we all know how it happened, but why did I pick the name Xmasdolly?  Well, first let me tell that after I became disabled, and decided to retire from my job as a paralegal my daughter who was already a blogger (NightOwlMama & my oldest child)… came over one  Tricialita

day & said, “Mom, why don’t you try your hand at blogging?”, and the rest is history.  Thank you honey!  Isn’t she just too cute?  So proud of her!  Anyway, I needed a name, and I looked around, and my mom’s doll was on my dresser because she had recently passed away back then, and she called it her Christmas Dolly (and that’s a different story for at another time), and then “XmasDolly” was born.

So one day in the first year I was a blogger some lady wrote me a nasty e-mail, and said I shouldn’t use the term “X”mas – Dolly.  That it was blasphemy, and I should be ashamed.  I wrote back and told her she didn’t know her bible very well or theology.  This next part is a post I put up on Sept. 10, 2010.  For your reading pleasure this is how Xmasdolly was born.


Recently I have been asked why do I call myself XmasDolly, and not Christmas Dolly, and that I wasn’t being a good Christian when I said or wrote Xmas!!!  Well, here’s  the gospel truth!

I love Christmas, and my nickname is Dolly.  Dolly has been there since I’ve been born.  How would you shorten Christmas?  I am a devote Catholic.  I do not denounce Christ in any way shape or form!  PASS THE WORD!  I am NOT, and I repeat NOT denouncing Christmas or my Lord when I call myself  XmasDolly!   I also googled it, and here’s the “STRAIGHT DOPE”!

Why is Christmas abbreviated Xmas?

Dear Straight Dope:
Every December one hears of the need to “put ‘Christ’ back in Christmas”, but never a word about “putting ‘X’ back in Xmas.” So just how did the term “Xmas” come to be used in place of “Christmas”?
— D. Galvin, Phoenix, AZ
Well, that letter may look like an “X” and walk like an “X” and quack like an “X,” but it isn’t an “X.” That’s the Greek letter “chi” which is pronounced about like “ch” was in Old English … which is to say, about how it’s pronounced in German today, or in a few imported words, like “Christ” or “Christmas,” for example.
“X” (as in chi) was used as an abbreviation for Christ from early times, perhaps initially as a camouflage for the religion. It was the first letter of the word Christos (meaning “the anointed one,” e.g., the Messiah) and fortuitously was cross-shaped, so there seemed to be some symbolism or double meaning. It’s been used as a scholarly and not-so-scholarly abbreviation since.  So in other words many Christians used it back in biblical times so they wouldn’t get thrown to the lions!

Just wanted to keep that straight!  AMEN!

JUST DON’T GET ME STARTED!  BY THE WAY I WAS ALSO BAPTIZED CATHOLIC, MADE MY COMMUNION, AND CONFIRMATION, AND I WAS MARRIED BY A PRIEST!  What else ya wanna know?  Dang!  I got to take a break!  Sorry I shot off, but I love Christmas (Xmas), and my name is Dolly, and I love that name too because my Daddy gave it to me.  So, let it rest!  Anybody else wanna call me a Heathen???  NO?  I didn’t think so!  I did my homework first!  I think maybe you should do yours first before you open your mouth……….. and then insert your foot!

“X” is for XmasDolly that’s me… wanna be my friend?  Just follow me under Linky Followers in my side bar.  Thanks much!


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  7 Responses to “XmasDolly, Hey that’s me!”


    Hi Xmas Dolly!
    Nice to meet you.
    I like your energetic and upbeat attitude. 🙂
    Thanks for the ‘Xmas lesson”!
    Writer In Transit


    Sorry, I realised the above link is incorrect.
    Take two…
    Writer In Transit


    So that’s how it came about that was quite interesting, I often wondered why heheh!

    Have a xmastastic day and will link up sometime tomorrow …oh! and…don’t 😯


    I didn’t know X was a Greek letter or the story behind Xmas. Now I know!
    Funny someone would call you out on it. Of all the problems in the universe, she was worried that you were using an X instead of Christ?


      Believe it or not there are many people like that. Believe me this wasn’t the only person that questioned me about it… thus, my Post to clear the air! That’s how this Post came about. This lady kinda was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and it wasn’t the camel with the three kings either…. ~snicker~ Thanks for stopping by.


    I learned this history some time ago and every since looked at this shortened form of Christmas totally different. I believe well intending people sorta jump on a bandwagon because so-and-so spouted the new gospel truth about something and that’s how this sorta craziness gets started. I think it’s a Christian’s job to look past the unseen to find the truth. Isn’t that faith is all about? Believing in something you can’t see? I think a person needs to be careful with what they say to others. It’s important to know what’s true and what’s not, but if what someone else says or does is different then there is always a nice way to share the way you feel. You know? There is no reason to openly offend anyone. I am not offended when someone says, Happy Holidays. I realize this is more or less a holiday gender propaganda, but I look for it as an opportunity to share my faith with a return, Merry Christmas! Life is too short. Folks need to be happy in Christ, instead of grumpy for Jesus.


    I’ve known from my younger days as a Lutheran that “X” means Christ. It’s the ones that don’t know their own Christian history that think they get offended by it. In fact I never even call your blog “X”mas Dolly. I always refer to you as “Christ”mas Dolly. I think I’ve told you that before.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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