May 052015


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I may not be around until this afternoon.  Doing the Out-Patient injections for my back this morning.  If you have any prayers laying around and you don’t know what to do with them you can pass them over here if you would.  I sure can use them.  Pray that these injections work for me.  Thanks!

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  11 Responses to “Spring is Here! WW”


    You’re so lucky to have little Angelo near you. I got to see my little dumplin’ today – on Skype. She has the cutest smile, but grandma’s arms ache to hold her little sweetums.


    You know you’ve got my thoughts, prayers, energies, and good juju vibes always my dearest dolly! Hopefully you got your injections and they helped make you feel better. You’ve got some gorgeous photos this week! I especially like the close up of the angel’s face 🙂


      Thank you my CD. You are always in my heart also. The injections are working so far. I’m numb in places I didn’t even expect to be numb in, & they had a hard time putting the IV in & poked me 5 times OUCH, BUT my Pain Doctor is the B-E-S-T! hIS Name is Dr. Scott Glaser if you ever need one & his personality is that of a nice man… not a strictly professional straight by the book type person.. stuff shirt & all. He’s down to earth and cares about them, & doesn’t give them the bum’s rush. I SO HATE THAT TREMENDOUSLY! If you need his number let me know. Thank you for all your good wishes, you and everyone else here by the way & my Angels are out in front on my porch. You get that boyfriend to drive you hear one day this year and we’ll have a barbecue or something and show you around. That would be fun. HUGS And thanks for stopping by. You’re duh best.


    Nice pics Marie cute too.

    My thoughts are with you Marie I hope all goes well 🙂

    Best wishes



    Spring is in full fling (pollen and all) here in the south! I’m so glad to be done with winter. I hope your injections go well and that you feel better this evening. Don’t sweat over hopping over to my place. I know you’ll get there when you get there and if not, then that’s okay, too. You. Are. Important. To. Me. So, take care of yourself, girlfriend!


    Aww sending your my prayers. Lovely photos you have! #wwwblp


    I like your picture choices. And is that sweet, cute little one the BABY you posted about not long ago?????? gah, if so the kids grow up too fast!!


    Cute pup! He’s all ready to go outside and play.


    Wonderful, joy, beauty and happiness!

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