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I can remember the first day we bought our car, and it has tan seats, and I wanted to show my daughter and she says, “Pile in kids”!  OMG My heart dropped.  Are your hands dirty?  Do you have candy or cookies?  Keep your feet down!  I thought I’d have a stroke right then and there!!!

I finally found some seat covers to fit the seats, but they didn’t go behind the seats.  Oh NOW WHAT DO I DO????

Your search for the BEST SEAT BACK PROTECTOR is over. When you install these seat back covers not only will you be PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT, your kids will LOVE THE AWESOME built in tablet holder and viewer.  Peaceful road trips will now be experienced!
– Never worry about dirty seats decreasing your resale value or incurring cleaning fees when returning your lease.
– Seat back covers have two pockets, the clear one (9″x 6.5″) is designed to hold your child’s iPad mini or tablet so they can enjoy using it while you travel.

– Large mesh pocket (6.5″x 6.5″) is great for holding all the extra’s your kids love to bring along.
– Made from EXTRA DURABLE 600D polyester DOUBLE STITCHED edges will withstand even the toughest child.
– Adjustable top clip and Velcro bottom strap means it will fit virtually any seat.
– Convenient 2-pack to protect both seats.
– Keeps your vehicle neat and organized.
– Easy for your child to reach their toys.
QUALITY GUARANTEED – You are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

So, if you want to avoid cranky child in the back, and cranky husband when he gets a load of all those scuff marks on the back of his seat you need to get you a set of Seat Back Protectors by Solutions Solved.  I know Seat Back Protectors by Solutions Solved are sooooooo better than Valium!

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    For someone who always lets their kids play with all of these devices, this is a great idea.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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