May 192015


Hydracentials Stylish On The Go Lunch Tote is great for the ladies on the go and teens to take to high-school for their lunch and any time you need to bring your lunch, snacks on the go and keep your perishable items fresh. All the while keeping your style with a Lunch Tote.

This Hydracentials Stylish on The Go Lunch Tote Bag will keep everything from sandwiches and vegetables fresh, store plastic lunch containers and frozen entrees these cooler tote bags have interior and exterior linings to keep freshness and avoid leaks. The front pocket can be used to store utensils and other small items that do not need insulation or cooling.

For me…. I didn’t really need a lunch tote, but I do take it along on my doctor visits packing away my coffee & maybe some breakfast when I have to fast, but I also pack something to do.  I hate to sit idle.

I really love this bag. I use it for everything. I’ve used it for lunch, a purse, a yarn bag and a diaper bag. To me its my “Everything” bag, and it goes with everything. It’s not to big and not to small, and that’s just the way I like em’! ~hehehe~ When I had my lunch in there it really stayed nice and cool/fresh. I’m very pleased with this product and very satisfied for the versatile use I can get out of it, and be satisfied for I’m very hard to please.   Lunch & yarn… who can ask for more.  Oh, and there’s a side pocket for my cell phone, car keys and I put my wallet on the inside though and I don’t have to bring a purse.  My little tablet goes on the side pocket too for my grocery list.  I’m always forgetting something or other.  This is a sturdy bag and I don’t believe it would tear easily, but just in case when I bring my scissors with they’re the round tips and they go in my side pocket.  Yep, this is a thumbs up for sure.  I’m luvin’ it and I know you will too!  Oh and by the way shhhhhhhhhhhhh   hubby would throw a fit if I told anyone, but he uses it sometimes too to carry his lunch back and forth to work when I give him a lunch that needs a container or heating in the microwave.  Just sandwiches he brings is small bag.  I think he takes it because it’s black & white.  That’s what I really wanted it for… for him, but he says…  “It’s too girly”, but yet he takes it and I don’t say a word!  ~hehehe~  Gotta luv him!!!  And yes I really do, and my bag!


Rain, rain go away little Dolly wants to play, so come back on another day!

*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    It’s a good size lunch bag! Someone could really pack a big lunch in it. I can see it is perfect for your crocheting.

    You should blog or put your crocheted item on Facebook advertising them for sale. I think your work is lovely.


    very cute bag I can think of all sorts of things I can use that for this summer

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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