May 192015
Do you remember last week when I showed you this empty nest from our tree out in front…
This week I would like to show you what happened in one week…

Mama keeping her eye on me!

There are four babies and you look good you will see one with it’s beak open wanting food. I did see Mama… Dave says it’s the daddy though feeding the babies. 🙂



Four cute fuzzy lil’ buggers! They’re just too cute!


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  8 Responses to “Spring is Here! WW”


    Yeah, a full nest.


    glad u posted the video I couldnt’ see what was in the photos . So cute I’ll have to bring the kids over asap so they can see too


    Aww! I bet the mama was looking at you thinking “What the hell is that woman looking at” LOL

    Mind you Marie if any of them get ill you can give them some tweetment 🙂


    They look adorable. You are so lucky to have seen them.


    How cool is that? Aren’t you the lucky one to witness an amazing miracle!! I wish I could see something like this for myself up close AND to capture the moments with my camera. Happy WW, my friend!

    I think We’re Going to be Friends


    Yay for spring! And how cool you got to scope out those adorable baby birds! We have tons of birds around here, but our trees are so tall the nests are way out of visual reach. 🙂

    WW: Hickory Dickory… Blackspot


    You are so lucky to have that nest! I wish ours wasn’t raided. The hummer did make her nest way too close to the ground for one thing. It was situated about 3.5 ft off the ground where anything could have gotten to it. The eggs were too small for a coyote, I think. It could have been a snake, but I don’t think a snake would have torn the nest in two. The eggs were the size of your little fingernail.

    We will get robins every now and then when they are migrating. I love seeing their pert red vests.


    Look like robins? Isn’t it fun to watch nature “spring” to life!
    hugs, sweetie!

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