May 252015


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Angelo wants to make something too!

And these are the best time to pass these out to the kids and big kids and medium size kids… oh heck, pass them out to everyone and CELEBRATE OUR FREEDOM and our soldiers who gave us that right!!!


Very safe way to celebrate for the children so they can have fun, and learn this is a day to celebrate our country and the American way!

Super bright, Longest Lasting Glow Stick Bracelets

or whatever you want them to be!

glow bike

Glow sticks remind me of Carnivals, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Picnics!  They”re just sooooooo fun!!!  There’s so many things you can make with them from necklaces to bracelets and glow in the dark crowns and swords.  Personally, I found these pictures and thought it was the greatest idea to do with glow sticks ever!!!  Check out that bike above now that’s ingenious.  the one below reminds me of a great big firecracker in the sky!!!  There’s so many things you can do with them.


Guess they’re a real crowd pleaser and the fastest thing that can put a smile on a child’s face.  ENJOY!

XD Pride&Joy

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    These will be great for Fourth of July!


    Save them for a rave lol they are always there.


    Such a great thing for young ones and very entertaining!


    This is nice like to have this

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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