May 302015

Quick-Temp Instant Read #DigitalThermometer with latest probe technology for cooking, roasting, BBQing, meat, fish or poultry. Use to check the temperature of baby food or formula. Folding probe makes for worry free storage.  One triple A battery required.

And I’ll tell you I never knew how I managed in the kitchen without this thermometer.  I’m testing everything, and with my grandson coming to spend a few weeks… well eleven days with his NaNee and I cannot wait.  You know,  I would hate myself if I ever burned my Angel when I heat his food.

I’ll even have to heat his bottles.  Now I’m sure I can trust my wrist for that one.  Now I really don’t need it for my husband’s meat because he likes his meat still mooing for pity sakes, but not me!!!  Cook that bugger!  Cook it good as far as I’m concerned, but then again when I put a Pot Roast in the oven that Therometer is needed for my husband because as I said he likes his meat rare so I take his out slice some meat and then I keep cooking it for me to a nice medium. Mmmm It’s sure fun not guessing anymore !

I’ll tell ya I rarely burn food, but when I do… grrrrr!  Undercook… also grrrrrr!  With this Instant Digital Thermometer that will never be happening again.  Fastest read,  and totally accurate and totally calm in the nerve department.  LOL   So, do you want your food to come out perfectly cooked, 100% safe, and absolutely delicious?  Mmmm    With a high quality digital food thermometer, you’ll see the exact temperature of your food or liquid in just seconds!  The sharp and fast probe doesn’t mess up your food, you won’t even notice. You’re going to wonder how you ever got along without it.  I know I do!

You Need To Try This To Believe It… If You Don’t Love It, Return It For A Refund! If for ANY reason you don’t like it, send it back for a refund. Cook and serve food with so much more confidence, it’ll make your life so much better. 



Take the guesswork out of cooking and try this Digital Thermometer you definitely won’t be sorry especially if you  have a house like mine where one like his rare and another medium and another well done.  When my kids come over it’s well done or nothing!  hahahaha Such a life!!!

Happy Cook xmasdolly_gmt

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    Looks like a good wee gadget.


    One of these is great to make sure that you don’t undercook or overcook the meat.


    This is nice like to have this

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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