May 312015

The Latest Premium Selfie Stick for your Smartphone and Camera

 Your Phone is Safe with the #EverydaySelfie Stick!  It has a double clamp & clip that will securely fit your smartphone.

I have been staring at this stick for a week now, and I was wondering if I was ever going to have the nerve to figure it out.  Well, I’m slowing getting the nerve to decipher it, and so far so good.  I’ve figured out where all the parts go.  Yay, me!  I really love taking pictures on the go, and having so many children, and grand-children there is never a lack of poses, and things going on.

Nobody around to take your picture? No problem! You have the freedom to take your own photos now with Everyday Selfie!  So you say you can’t click the button and hold your phone far enough to get a good picture?  No worries!  This arm is fully extendable up to 44″ & can compress down to 9″ for an easy to carry accessory on the road, and weighing less than half a pound making it perfect for travel, and on the go etc.

This Selfie Stick was made built to last!  It’s so cool.  Also, it’s made from high quality stainless steel for strength & durability, and for extra comfort & grip the handle is made from non-slip foam.

Stand out from the Crowd with your awesome photos on Facebook and Instagram and just wherever you’d like to Post them.

 Take photos you never thought were possible! Built into the holder are 9 different rotational axis to give you a wide variety of shots & angles to capture your best moments.   No Remote Control to Lose! Built-In Wireless Bluetooth Remote removes all the hassle “so you can save time & find the perfect shot”.

– Quick & Easy Rechargeable Battery using USB to mini USB cable through your computer. It takes less than an hour to fully charge & your ready to go!  No Need to Download Any Apps! – Connects easily with any phone with iOS 4 & Android 3 or later.  Is that cool or what?  Well, enjoy more memories and a lot easier to take by you alone!  I love mine because now everyone knows I was at the party too or I went on vacation with the hubby and kids too!  HAHAHAHA   Write me a comment and let me know what you would do with yours if you owned one!  Want to own one?  How about a quick Give-Away?  Enter below in our Rafflecopter:

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Have a great weekend!  And thanks for stopping by.   Let me know what you think of my review.  I give this product two thumbs up!  Woo Hoo


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    This one sounds great! Since I don’t have a smart phone, I don’t need something like this. I did share this everywhere and pinned it a few times.


    This is awesome. I like that it’s wireless and doesn’t need a remote


    This is great easy to use and to take nice pictures

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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