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Now unfortunately my husband took our camera with him, and I noticed that my review for this BBQ Grill light was all put together and I couldn’t wait no longer so I wanted to share with you this most fabulous product.  I’ll add some pictures later.  Now check this fantastic product light.  I am a big fan of LED lights, and that’s exactly what this is.  If it gets a little late in the evening you’re still grilling look what I have for you.  Now unfortunately once again I do not have a gas grill.  We have a charcoal grill because we love the flavor, but this light you can put this anywhere if you have a good imaginative brain and that’s exactly what I have.  I not only use this for my grill, but I also attach it to my umbrella by our picnic table, and I can also attach it to the handle of our garage door when the guys are still playin’ in the garage and rockin’ and a rollin’!  Woo Hoo

“Grilluminator” BBQ Grill Light

The “#Grilluminator”!  Hahahaha   It almost sounds like Schwarzenegger in braces!  Bwahahaha  Anyway back to biz!  Look how you can attach it to the hood of your grill.  Isn’t that a neat idea and what a great idea for the man in your life for Father’s day, huh?  Now wait it gets better.



Don’t ya love it?  I truly have to figure something out with a regular charcoal grill and I have.  I attach mine to one of our lawn chairs right next to our grill and it has the same effect, but I’ll find something more sturdy in the future I’m sure or maybe you can think of your own idea if you have a charcoal grill!  Woo Hoo!  We’re always out late a grillin’ cuz you know when ya have a party those beers always come first and what’s better than a nice barbecue cheeseburger and a beer!  Woo Hoo!

So my friends, that’s it for now and I hope you enjoyed my little review.  Just a few more notes for ya from the company, and that is:

The Secret to Perfect Grilling at NightThe BEST BBQ Grill Light takes Grilling to the Next Level

• 10 Ultra Bright LED lights for the darkest nights 
• Universal Fit-Easy to operate C-clamp mount 
• Fully Adjustable-Light up the ENTIRE grilling surface

Long Lasting LED Grill Light to LIGHT UP YOUR NIGHT
Are you in the DARK about grilling? Have you ever ruined some quality meat on your grill after the sun goes down? You’ve finally found the BBQ grill light to save your night. You’re with your loved ones and everyone is ready to chow down. Steaks are marinated to perfection. Drinks are cold. Salad is made and sides are ready to go. Everyone is hungry. Your only problem? It’s dark and you can’t see a thing when you walk out onto your deck. Your hands are full and you can’t find or even hold a flashlight. Don’t ruin another quality chunk of meat. Claim your title as BBQ MASTER year round with the Grilluminator!

Ultimate design with simplicity in mind for everyone that loves to BBQ–the #Grilluminator is the last grill light you’ll ever need
• Batteries Included-Easy to Install 
• Long Lasting-50,000 hours of night grilling euphoria 
• Manufactured for grilling aficionados-Highest Quality, Durable Construction

LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE-No questions asked, worry free!

Now isn’t that the coolest ever!  So go check it out on Amazon.  They sell this great product there!  Have a great weekend my friends, and this product gets a thumbs up from me that’s for sure!  So what inventive place can you think of where to put this fantastic product!

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  3 Responses to “#Grilluminator BBQ Grill Light Review”


    That would be practical here as it’s way too ht when the sun is up to go outside to BBQ.


    definitely a must need for the grilling man in your family.


    I wouldn’t mind something like this. It would make a great little emergency light as we don’t BBQ after dark.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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