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So sorry for being so late, and not being here last week.  I have been so busy I cannot begin to tell you and sooooo behind on my work.  So let’s catch up a tad huh?  Remember my birds that got hatched and they were waiting for mama to feed them… well here’s an update.  Last week….

All four birds were in this nest that fell and was barely hanging on. Papa kept watch for them in the cold weather and while Mama was out hunting food & then we were down to three… then two… I remember going out there, and I was taking pics and I moved the camera and one bird stood strong, and the other cowarded then….

There was one left… I was actually sad, but here the last baby bird. Didn’t he get big. Mama & Papa had a plain orange belly the babies had spotted bellies as you can see here. I went to take a pic of this one & this is the one that was shy! Too cute it tweeted every time I did. it’s like we were singing together & then I went in for a while and when I came back out… my babies have flown the coop! Soooo sad… every time I see one of these birds now I try to see if they have a spotted belly or if they will tweet with me… no luck yet. They have not returned. ~sigh~ ~sniff-sniff~

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  10 Responses to “Springtime is Here! WW”


    Well that bird grew quick LMAO 🙂

    Have a beaktastic week Marie & thanks for sniffing by 😯


    wow live the story on the birds but the photography is phenomenal and puts you right there – awesome read!


    Yup, definitely looks like a robin, like my guess when they where tiny chicks. 🙂
    Hugs, Faythe@ GMT


    No WW post for today for me. Nothing out of the ordinary happened this last week. I know we had some bird nests around, but none that I could easily spy on like yours. You are basically still in the fun time of spring. Last week our temperatures climbed to about 110. It climbed a bit too quickly for me and the heat made me a bit sick last week.


    cute little tweeter! it’s so sad when they do finally fly away. we had 4 in a nest one year – the mama built her nest right in my Christmas wreath!! so I had to leave it up till June when they all flew away. but the kids just loved checking them every day and watching mama with them in the nest.


    Awww such lovely bird photo. I wish they would go back so that you can see the development.

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