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 Okay, I have had four children, and the two oldest were two years apart, and then I had one pass-away, so my next two children were seven & eight years apart (younger) then the two older ones.  So I had a long struggle there for night-time sleeping to say the least.

As any parent will tell you, kids need their sleep!  When we sleep, we thrive as children grow and stay healthy.  Many children, and mine not excluded if they don’t have their naps or they don’t get enough sleep they are cranky to the point of total annoyance!                                   

Deep restorative sleep regenerates and rejuvenates us; it heightens our sense of well-being.  When we don’t sleep well, our bodies and our minds are deprived of the chance to repair and renew and this can lead to serious problems, especially for children and their parents, but kids just aren’t always ready to just “settle down” when bed time comes.  Oh, boy do I know that to be the truth!   You bribe them in every way you can sometimes.  hahaha

“Sleep Well for Kids,” combines soothing guided imagery and relaxing melodies to create a nurturing atmosphere that can help children and their parents drift off to sleep, making bedtime a relaxing experience for everyone.  Janet Montgomery CH.t. is your guide as she leads you on a leisurely stroll through her neighborhood to a farm, where we are introduced to a variety of “friends” with a simple message of kindness to all animals, and respect for nature as we are relaxed to sleep.  It is that simple, just a qualified guide with a sweet and comforting voice, and some beautiful music to help set the mood.  Where was this CD when my kids were little.  I do have to say though when I use to sing to them especially my youngest son it was the only thing that would put him to sleep sometimes.

Children are introduced to the basics of breathing, progressive relaxation for their body, and visualization techniques for managing worry and relaxing into a restful sleep.  “Sleep Well for Kids” is a wonderful tool for helping children to learn the essential life-skills associated with calming down and relaxing.  Parents will find they will also get the rest they need too!

Great for kids ages 1 – 99+  In fact, the other night I so couldn’t fall asleep and I put the CD on and crash!  It was heavenly….  Now I have eleven grandchildren as you know and with my great-grandson that makes it an even dozen and they’re always poppin in and out here.  This CD is going to get a lot of use.  How would you like to have one for your babies…  well, just enter the rafflecopter below and you can!  Woo Hoo

good luck

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    I would also like to try the sleep well tonight


    Path to Resiliency: Overcome Life’s Challenges.


    I would like the sleep well CD but I do like the kid’s ones too!


    I used to fall asleep with my radio on so im sure this would help as well

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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